Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Berries for jam

Back in Asheville and full of inspiration, we had some different kitchen projects planned for today, but having just returned we headed for the country to get fresh milk, eggs and greens, lots of orange and blue flowers in the mountains today, day lilies and chicory. So beautiful...

On the way up to the farm Kaleena eyed some berries and out we went, she wanted to pick enough to make jam, and she was determined. The focus of the day became finding different spots where the ripe wild raspberries grew, there were some yet not quite enough for yam, so we thought to check on the mulberries and found just enough that together with a few blueberries we also found, we gathered a jar full, enough for one glass of jam. 

We found this caterpillar cocoon growing on the mulberry tree, they always amaze us.
I have been told by several organic gardeners to leave them as they attract birds and provide excellent food for them.

Our berry harvest

our basket full of goodies

And here are the berries ready for mashing, just the job for two little children

stirring in the sugar, we usually use honey, but for todays surprise batch we treated ourselves to a sugar jam. We use Pomona's Universal Pectin which is free of preservatives and requires much less sweetener than other jell agents, and the pack has recipes inside.

and here it is, 1 and 1/2 jar, what a bonus, such an unexpected berry bliss surprise.

served on fresh farm bread with a glass of cold fresh milk


one more flower, just becauce...

~berry blessings...~


  1. I bet the jam tasted better for all the energy put into it. I love the photo of the caterpillars. Like a natural stained glass window showing the ordinary life on the tree.

  2. That looks delicious!! I love berry jams - blackberry and raspberry being my favourites. Well...except for strawberry too...and currant. Eep! Fun to see your mulberries. I didn't know that they grew in my area and have never tried them before but there is a very old mulberry tree where I work and the berries are just ripening. I can't wait to try them.

  3. We loved reading about your expedition, and the jam looks wonderful.

  4. The raspberries look divine!:-)


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