Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Road trip

Early this morning we piled in the car and drove almost four hours to visit our dear friends.
They live on a farm near Floyd in Virginia. It is really beautiful, and once again reminds me of how much I long for country living.

The children all eagerly got to work making a fire using a magnifying glass.
Everyone helped, patiently holding the glass and gathering sticks and the like for the fire.

They were so close, yet having finally had enough they went swimming in the creek.
I think tomorrow we will definitely get it going..

lots of fun on the farm..

during the evening walk they became fascinated with the potato beetles, 
and got rid of a good many from the suffering plants

and for the midnight snack, as they called it, they picked lots of sweet peas

good times with good friends

and many thanks for stopping in


  1. love the photos, looks like so much fun!

  2. Oooh, I love the peas photo! It's gorgeous!

    :) I wanted to come by and welcome you to Growing Naturally!


  3. I like the firestarter idea... haven't seen that in ages! xx

  4. Looks like tons of fun!!!! That is what summer is all about.

  5. What great outdoor fun. We love firestarting like that too!


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