Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bamboo projects

The other day we came across a bamboo grove by a creek we often visit.
There was so many broken pieces and we brought home a bunch.
My idea was to make a teepee and drape silk around it to make a fairy house for the child fairies around here
They loved it..

a little fairy child was quick to visit

Kaleena later, and still uses it as her little workshop.
She has been creating all kinds of little treasures with the bamboo, working (carefully)
with a saw, scissors and a knife.

this picture ended up in the wrong place, and I have not yet figured out how to move pictures around, anyways we made this simple swing from another piece, the children love to swing on it together, and at times it also doubles as a horse

 this is a beautiful treasure keeper that she made, complete with lid tied with a grass straw.
I just love it!!

she made a "grinder" using two bricks, which she used to scrape the skin off the bamboo, no apparent purpose for the grown up eye perhaps, yet she used a long time doing this, separating the thin bamboo paper, and she was so proud of her little machine, 
what can I say I love to see this kind of creativity

she made these beautiful patterns with a knife, and used this to keep the thin bamboo paper scraped from the inside of the tubes

another piece became (with the help of a grown up) a tray to carry special finds

and yet another became a cup..

so much fun with just a few sticks of bamboo,
Indeed; I love it:)
Thanks for looking in, and have a wonderful day!


  1. How cool! We are headed out into the woods today to try to make some kind of fun nature-inspired crafts. I wish we had bamboo!

  2. Christina,
    I absolutely LOVE to read these posts and see the photos. It brings a smile to my face every time. Thank you for reminding me of the magic of nature.

    So much love :)

  3. so absolutely creative! :)
    your children are so fortunate, and you are certainly blessed with those sunshines :)

  4. awesome idea for the little fairies! 8)

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