Friday, June 25, 2010

Glowing ballon lanterns

In preparation for our weekend back yard camp out we decided to make some lanterns.
 This is such a simple project, and we have used this technique many times before, mostly to make little glass lanterns for Michaelmas or for Christmas decorations. Having used all available glass ware in the house for recent jam and herbal medicine making, we decided to use balloons instead.
(although glass lanterns would have probably been better suited for outside use)

(A few tips from this experience, next time I will not glue paper up so close to the knot as it makes it harder to take the balloon out once popped, also while you don't want to thick of a layer of paper, do make sure that there is an ample amount of glue on, at least enough that all paper is wet through, as this makes for a smoother surface and a bit harder lantern shell. the children's had not quite enough glue, and so had a bit more flimsy form, still beautiful though for sure.)

Ingredients are the same whether you use glass or balloons for your lantern;
watered down white school glue, tissue paper and paint brushes, and in this case balloons.

We then added strips of ripped up tissue paper with the glue unto the balloon

and once we had a couple of layers hung them up to dry.

Once dry, which took the better part of the day, we popped the balloon, and ended up with a scrunched up little raisin looking thing, the children did not like that part, yet they are easily straightened out once the balloon is removed. Then I cut around the opening and added a small candle, which of course I watch carefully.

Here they are all lit up, although you cannot really see it, as I haven't quite figured out how to take a picture without the automatic flash popping up (In my defense it is a relatively new camera, and I rarely read owners manual:) ) None the less, the children love their simplicity and warm glow.

Kaleena making a wish before bedtime.

We are looking forward to enjoying the effect of these lanterns around our tent,
and I will surely post pictures of this little event.
I do hope the weather holds up, saturdays forecast says it will, yet right now there is lots of thundering and threatening clouds.
Thanks for checking in,
and have a wonderful day!


  1. lovely!

    you asked about gathering...this sunday, 2-4pm silk dying, although i know you just did that recently. if you want more info lmk...

    hoping our paths will cross again soon...j

  2. You are blog is fun! Nice blog!

  3. excellent idea, and beautiful colours used. Do you put a tea light in it? what about the paper igniting or glue getting too hot? I worry about that part....but still want to do it.

  4. I do put tea lights in, and big ones too from Denmark, we used them outside last night without problems, the heating is not enough to cause an issue with the glue, but of course like always with fire, use caution..

  5. Wonderful idea! I will definitely put it to use.... Thanks for sharing!


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