Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Salve

This green salve is something we have been using since we moved to these mountains and were introduced to it almost 4 years ago. The children love it, as do I, and we use it for any and all skin ailments. Bites, rashes, stings, 
bruises, scrapes and more.
It works wonderfully soothing and is so easy to make.
Inspired by A handmade life, I added dried calendula flowers this time.
Otherwise we added the same herbs as we added to our poison ivy spray.
Lots of Comfrey, plantain and some jewel weed, we also added some dandelion leaves.

chopped it all up, added the dried calendula flowers and poured a bottle of  Grape seed oil over it.
Left it in the oven for the whole day on the lowest temperature.

Then left it to strain over night

melted some wax 

and added the melted wax to the warmed up oil, if the oil isn't warm the wax will separate when added,
and here is lovely green goodness, ready for all those summer itches, scratches and bruises.

~Green Blessings~


  1. Thank you for this recipe!!! I think we may just have to make a batch!!!
    xo maureen

  2. us, too! we made a calendula salve last fall, but were advised to use olive oil. the olive oil was insanely overpowering & we ended up just tossing it.

    this one, however, sounds much more appealing.

    thank you for sharing!

  3. My dad still uses the cancer salve i made for him. They work wonders.
    I love the land art. Gorgeous.

  4. I am a city person and could not identify any of the ingredients. A wrong choice could be disasterous! However, this salve sounds like something I would like to have. Mareen in Kansas

  5. Maureen, these ingredients are mostly common weeds, except perhaps the comfrey which I grow for all the medicinal benefits this wonderful plant offers. You can google all the names of the plants, and yes certainly make sure you know the plants you use. That is true any time you make your own medicine and products. When I post these recipes I assume people use common sense and make sure to identify plants properly before start.

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