Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Road trip day 2

We had a very busy day today, and although I do not have documentation of all, I did take loads of pictures, I just cannot help myself, especially with children and flowers and feel positively compelled to take photo upon photo.

We started with a clean up project, which included lots of moving of heavy object, sweeping and then flower picking, it turned out great and I took not a single photo:)
After lunch and a quiet time we all piled into the car and headed to town, all meaning 7 children and two mamas... 

7 children can build up quite a bit of energy and drive two mamas a bit crazy, so we stopped at a grassy hill, where the children happily rolled down, ran around..

while I found flowers to photograph, like I mentioned I cannot help myself.
Echinacea in full bloom, love it. 


Meanwhile the children had found some non edible berries
which they brought home

and mashed 

into this concoction, which they later boiled on the fire.

In town we found some great thrifty/antique stores,
ohh my god I could have spent a fortune there, so many great finds.
Imagine 7 children in a store like this.. yikes...
they loved it though, so many wonderful strange things, the smell of times long gone, and the owner was very child friendly which helped ALOT, and happily told stories about trinkets from the olden days.

Sweet Novah loves the camera

yet another flower

and to finish off for today a lovely dandy in seed

thanks for visiting,
and have a wonderful day


  1. Oh, what lovely photos. I can't resist capturing the images of flowers and mini-beasts. I love the challenge. Looks like you all had a lovely day. Did you buy anything at the antique store?

  2. no, I did not buy anything, although I was really tempted to get an old printers tray to keep the children's treasures in...


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