Sunday, May 30, 2010

Easy home made yoghurt

Since I was making fresh yoghurt I thought I would share just how simple
it can be done, in case anyone reading this, have not yet tried it.
As I was loading these photos it made me laugh to load a photo of two jars of water, the whole step by step blogging is actually really fun for me, and at the same time it makes me so much more aware of the whole process which I love. This is a very casual way of doing it, as I rarely measure things when I cook or prepare food, if you want a more detailed description check out
Wild Fermentation, a great great book, not just for fermenting dairy but also on simple wine and mead making and much more. if you haven't yet, check it out!
Ok, back to simple yoghurt making, first I take two quart size jars like the ones below:),
fill them with hot water...

and stick them into a cooler with an old sweater, to heat my "yoghurt maker"

meanwhile, and I don't have a photo of this:), I pour a half gallon of my lovely raw milk into a pot, and slowly heat it. I cannot remember the exact temperature, but I take it off right before it starts to boil, which is when it so hot that you want to pull your finger out straight away.
Then I leave it to cool to about 110F. Which for me translates into when you can comfortably keep your finger in the milk. Obviously you want to make sure your hands are clean.
Then I pour the milk into my two quart size jars, which I have emptied of water, add 1 table spoon of my previous batch of yoghurt, to each jar, stir and wrap first in news paper and then in a tea towel, and stick them back into my heated cooler.
(make sure the yoghurt you use has live cultures)
I leave it in a warm place over night, about 10 hours

and voila, delicious home made goodness
We then have it for breakfast with, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries,grapes, kiwi, walnuts and honey or whatever we have on hand.


  1. that is so crazy! i cant believe it is just that simple. so why is it so expensive!?? can you use vanilla yogurt or any kind to add with the milk? what about flavoring for the yogurt, my kids wont eat just greek, but they love fruit and vanilla and honey. i guess you add that afterwards..
    (for the blog business: i'm a bit of a technology dum-dum myself...just go to format and change your blog style there, i chose the one with the extra stretch! then all this wasted space on the left and right you can fill up with stuff! good luck! )

  2. I would add flavor to the finished yoghurt, the honey also really sweetens it..enjoy!

  3. If I have never made this before, would I use store-bought yoghurt to get the cultures started?

    Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial!!!

  4. Natasha,
    Yes you can use store bought yoghurt to get started, just make sure it read that it has live cultures. I typically use "seven starts farm" organic plain yoghurt to get started.


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