Monday, May 17, 2010

Frogs and Fairies

Where better to start than in a muddy pond, full of frogs and toads.
We have some friends who run a small dairy, and it is our favorite place to go.
It is peaceful and beautiful, and the children are completely free to be children, for although this farm used to be our neighbor, we are presently city dwellers. Granted Asheville is a small city, and lovely, yet we are all looking forward to return to the country side.

When we arrive the children run straight to the pond, and weather permitting jump right in.
The excitement is always the same, no matter how often we go.
The enchantment of connecting with & in nature is a sight to behold.
How grateful I am for these moments.

Springtime brings the added pleasure of babies.

It is in nature like this that my children nurture their connection to each other as well as.

And when the time comes to set all the captured creatures free once more, it is always done with great ceremony and tenderness.

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  1. It's beautiful Christina, the photos are lovely and so are your words...


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