Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I share a wee bit sad story.
My sisters cat brought in a beautiful little cardinal,
and despite our best efforts he did not make it.
How precious this fragile little creature, the children loved him immediately, and of course wanted to keep him, they dug up worms for him, talked to him and gently caressed him, he seemed strong and with the will to live, and yet within a few hours he had gone.
It was so puzzling and disappointing, and it made me sad for the children, that they would not have the experience of saving the little bird, although they of course let go of the bird much more readily than I. They were tender and sincere in their goodbyes, and then on to play.
It was for me another reminder of how beautiful and fragile life is, how precious this moment, and how important to surrender and let go when the time comes.

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