Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flowers and wreaths

We spent a beautiful day picking wild flowers, and making wreaths.

We have always enjoyed taking long walks in the country, when we lived there we walked every day, these days while living in the city, we enjoy our country walks a few times a week. We always pick flowers and when in season berries as well. Often these flowers make it home where I love to have lots of vases filled with fresh wild flowers, however today we found a wonderful shady spot under a great climbing tree, where we made beautiful wreaths.

Little Keenan gathered his flowers proudly in his net

Although I have no pictures the children climbed this tree like little monkeys

Happy daisies are the abundant wildflower right now,
I love how from week to week the flower selection changes, it even seems to be color coded.
Right now many white flowers are blooming.
Right before that it seemed to be very yellow, with lots of buttercups everywhere, next I think we will see lots of orange, such as the day lilly, which I found just two of today.
I wonder if I remember correctly..

Kaleena does beautiful creations with flowers..

She made me a beautiful bracelet

Another beautiful day in nature
Many thanks!!!

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