Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Farm fresh

Although we at present have not YET manifested a farm life of our own, we are fortunate
to have wonderful farm friends and every week we spend a day on the farm.
It is wonderful for the children to connect in a more personal way to where our foods come from. We have often taken part in the milking process, the children too have milked ( a little), and we have brought the milk home still warm.

For me, once you have experienced raw milk there is no going back.
I feel blessed that the children
have such a close connection to the cows that provide them with milk and yoghurt.

Quick stop at the outhouse...

and on to gather greens and strawberries

And finally the eggs.
The children were there when the baby chicks were brought to the farm, and have helped care for them. Before the frogs, the chickens were Kaleena's favorite and
she would spend most of her time on the farm with them.
I find it helps them not take the food they eat for granted, they have an experience of the process that happens in order to bring the food to their table..
then again, what do I know

And at the end of the day...
Such color, kale, lettuce, herbs and strawberries...

fresh milk and eggs. All freshly picked and gathered.

With love and gratitude


  1. Wow, Christina I can't wait to read even more of your blog. LOVE what you have so far. The pond habitat is great, we have 2 big tadpoles that are almost ready for some land, so a new habitat is in order. Will be setting it up similar to yours.

    So sorry about the cardinal, but such a neat experience for the kids to be so close and actually touch a wild bird.

    Sorry, you're having trouble with your comments on 5OP....they sometimes go to spam or waiting for approval when a new person visits. I will have to check.

    I'm adding you the the list for the outdoor challenge. Thanks for joining.


  2. Love it christina. So wonderful. Your photos are amazing!


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