Saturday, May 22, 2010

Backyard bonfire and "snobroed"

Baking snobroed over the open fire is something I did when I was growing up in Denmark. The recipe is real basic, as it was often done away from home in the out doors. The recipe I have calls for 1 pk. of dry yeast, 500g of flour, 1 tsp of salt, 300ml of water and thats it, mix dry ingredients and slowly add water, and then knead together well, no need for rising. We used half whole wheat pastry flower and half spelt flour, and added a little agave as well.
Building a bonfire with the children is always exciting and the simple act of baking bread over the fire just adds to the fun.
So first we mix and knead....

And while we let the dough rest, we build the fire

Rolling the dough into long slim sausages....

And turning it around the sticks, we used bamboo sticks, and remember to cover the top
of the stick with dough so that it does not burn

Bake the bread over glowing embers, and keep turning. It is ready when it sounds hollow when you tap it, and also if it slides of the stick without sticking.

...... and here is one ready to eat

add some raspberry jam, yum!

It is hard to believe that we all washed hands before we started, it was a delicious mess.


  1. we must give this one a go, well...once i convert you measurements that is. :)

    and you are right...anything to do with fires, children love. we had one last night, roasting marshmellows with friends...the boys then 'played' with bits of ember on the ends of their sticks...writing their names in the sky, putting on a 'laser' show, etc.

    i heard aydin say, "fires are so magical". and he is long as we teach our children to treat them with repsect as they can be quite dangerous as well.

    thank you for sharing. <3

  2. What a delicious, inviting mess! Will remember this when my little girl gets a bit bigger!

  3. Oh, wow. You brought back a childhood memory. I remember wrapping the dough around the stick and seeing it slightly puff up and change colour. Thank you for the recipe. I can share this with my children.

  4. yum! baking bread rocks. esp in an open fire.

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