Friday, October 22, 2010

Paper bag Halloween lanterns

Today we made these little lanterns. It was a learn as you go project. We used what we had on hand, therefor we did not use orange tissue paper, rather black, purple and red.
We gave the children each a paper bag to draw a motive on, an outline, which we then cut out
 then we added a bit of glue around the edges of the cut out  (on the inside of the bag) and attached a piece of tissue paper. (For another time, I will be more aware to use the side of the bag that does not have the closing, and also to cover the whole side of the bag, as it shines through and shows exactly where the tissue paper reaches)
Then we gently folded the edges down.
here they are, Kaleena made the one with the cat and one of the bats, and Keenan made the ghost
 The effect is really quite lovely although I still have not quite gotten the hang of capturing the mood of candle light with my camera:)
Needless to say, these are extremely flammable and I was careful to cut all loose tissue paper of, and used great caution when lighting the tea candles inside them.
~May your weekend be filled with the gentle glow of candle light~


  1. Your blog is so amazing! Those lanterns are so gosh darn cute!!! What a great project for the wee ones!


  2. Those are so cute! We enjoyed firelight ourselves this evening. Isn't this time of year wonderful? :)

  3. I think your camera did just fine with the mood. I used to love so much doing this kind of thing with the kids. And I remember sitting in the dark, enjoying that flickering mellow light - don't you love having a hearth at the heart of the house? Especially when it's lit with child-lanterns. I'm glad you were careful to point out the bit about trimming the tissue paper - the whole project could become very spectacular otherwise, very quickly. Have you ever done paper bag hot air balloons at night? I never tried it, or the little chinese boats on the water with the candles inside the bag -

  4. They turned out beautifully!
    xo maureen

  5. wow!!! how fun!!! I think this looks like an idea for a little project today! thanks!

  6. they turned out lovely, I can't believe how big the children look. Keenies hair is getting long Yes we are back on the farm everything was wild and overgrown. I planted lots of salad with the nice compost we have

  7. So beautiful! Thanks for posting:)

  8. oooohhhh... I am so going to do this on Sunday! I;ve been trying to think of many things to do to keep us busy until sundown!



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