Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Late autumn nature wreath

Feeling that it was time for a change on our front door, we headed for the botanical garden to gather supplies for yet another autumn wreath. Although I am not quite ready for winter, and though we have had amazingly mild weather there is no doubt that winter is on his way. The temperatures are dropping steadily now and friday promises a chance of snow. 
It is amazing the difference to be seen outside from just this past weekend, already most leaves are gone, and the crispness in the air, has turned to a certain chill.
( I get cold easily, Kaleena still refuses to wear a jacket)
 The children played by the creek while I gathered supplies for the wreath
 yes, well as I look at this picture it seems that there are still a few leaves holding on:)
I love gathering dried out flowers and plants, I love all the different textures and interesting seed pods, and while this scenery lasts I like to make bouquets out of theses dried flowers. This time though I used my findings for the wreath

 At home we brought in the wreath we made to welcome autumn back in august, and took off all the decorations. (note to self ; go easy on the glue gun if you wish for the wreath base to last for a while)
This time I used no hot glue I simply weaved all the flowers into the base, and just two things I tied on with raffia. I really adore the result.
~may your evening be warm and cozy~


  1. this is gorgeous! i, too, love to explore the bits and treasures in nature this time of year. so much to uncover!

  2. I sadly suspect that our worlds somehow match us: you with your grace and your fairy children in that forest you have once again invited me into - me, with my pirate children and my craft-store wreath, stuck in my too fast, high tech world. Do we get what we deserve? I fear so. The children - I almost can believe they are suspended forever in Eden - gathering beautiful things from the earth's floor and bringing them home to their lovely mama, who cobbles them into new configurations, circles of eternity bound together by raffia and hot glue -

  3. What a beautiful location. Your children look very at home in Nature, so precious. And the wreath looks amazing!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The wreath is lovely.

  5. what a beautiful creek! your wreath looks great

  6. Your 'End of Autumn' wreath turned out gorgeous! The pictures by that creek are great!

  7. Stunning wreath and delightful story of its inspired creation. Now I really want to make a wreath. Wow! Thank you for sharing!


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