Thursday, September 9, 2010

A woolen autumn creation

Today we set up our initial autumn table, this is always a work in progress and will evolve along with us and the season. I made this lovely woolen lady, she is my third attempt at needle felting a puppet, and first time using pipe cleaners. So clearly I am no expert, even so I thought I'd share the simple process that I used to make her.
First I shaped the pipe cleaners into this general stick person shape (I used 2 pipe cleaner folded in half)
and simply wrapped wool core around, first the head, and gently attached it with the needle 
then generously around the bottom half for the skirt. Then I wrapped the hands tightly and then the chest, all in a very casual way, felting it with the needle to keep in place
then I added color, first to the arms by tightly wrapping around the pipe cleaners, then a thin layer around the skirt, gently felting with the needle
and then around the chest, all the time shaping as best I as I could with the needle.
Once I was happy with the base, I added details, such as the apron, which I added directly onto the skirt
and the shawl which I made first and then added to the puppet, I simply rolled a tuft of wool between my hands and added a general shawl shape and attached with the needle
Then I added a piece of wool for hair and simply attached across the middle, and then tied into pigtails, I may work on creating buns instead, but did it this way because for me it was easier. I am still learning every time I create anything in wool and hair is still challenging for me unless I do a braid, pig or pony tail
and here she is, holding an acorn she just picked from the forrest floor
We also made some more woolen acorns and added them to the nature table along with the pumpkins which we made the other day
a homemade lantern, and acorns as well as the buckeyes from the other day
and finally a lovely bouquet of the flowers we find in nature just now
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  1. What a fantastic tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration. (:

  2. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tutorial, we are slowly changing over our nature table too! What a beautiful doll, I am inspired to make one!

  3. What a lovely Autumn doll and thank you for sharing the tutorial, your autumn table looks so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day. xx

  4. Just beautiful! A lovely nature table. I especially love the buckeyes. I may have to see if I can find some around here. (We had a buckeye tree in our front yard when I was a I love them!)

  5. looks lovely....this technique really helps shape the arms, which are always my least favorite part of puppet making!

  6. What a fabulous tutorial - thank you! I have always wondered how these were made. We're not quite ready to change over just yet... almost.
    Happy Fall to you!

  7. What a beautiful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  8. I have always wondered how this was done - thank you. I think from your photograph that buckeyes are what we call conkers - from the horse chestnut tree. I love the things we learn from each other.

  9. oh wow! She's gorgeous. how inspiring. I'll take a stab! at it later.
    thanks for sharing

  10. She is beautiful. I've never made a lady with pipe cleaner before. I am very interested to try it. I've only ever stared with a cone shape, and whittled down. Thanks for sharing!


  11. that is such a helpful list of directions, thanks! I have tried and failed many times to make seasonal dolls but the pipecleaner fram looks like it is just what I need.

  12. Beautiful vibrant colours and creations.

  13. she is stuning, thank you for sharing your technique and season table.

  14. Thank you for your tutorial. I was searching for a simple way to make children for a puppet play of "The Selfish Giant" that I will be performing for my kindergarteners this week. I will try your tutorial on a smaller scale... perhaps cut the pipe cleaners in half... Looking forward to checking out several of your posts shown on the right-hand side here. Thank you!

  15. these are beautiful, they have inspires me to make them with my daughter who is so into fairies, little dollies she can make and play with :)


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