Saturday, September 4, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

Today on our weekly trip to the country, we went to visit our old "back yard".
As part of our old property we were fortunate to have a couple of acres of rather steep woodlands.
Today we visited Raven Rock, which is a massive rock, or perhaps cliff would be a better word, at the bottom of a trail leading out from our old back yard. A trail that in places also overlook the French Broad river, a very special place indeed. We are very grateful to have been the stewards of this little piece of earth for a short while. Today is the first time that we went back to this particular trail since we moved from here, the children loved it,  and it brought back many memories.
Kaleena found the skeletal remains of an animal, and both were fascinated by this find, Keenan so much so, that he stuffed them all into his pocket, and uncomfortably carried them all the way back to the car.
I visited some old friends; A cluster of wild American Ginseng. I have been watching over this little group of about 12 plants since I discovered them a few years ago. I always felt very honored to have these precious endangered medicinal plants growing on our land, and took great pride in protecting them.
I was happy to see them still thriving, and trust that they will be left in peace here.
I had hoped to get a picture with their cluster of red seeds on top,
yet they had just dropped them so.... ohh well:)
Onwards we hiked, enjoying the fresh cool air
Until we once again came back up toward the clearing and sunnier part of the woods where we found...
The first buckeyes of the season, I think it may also be the last as it seemed that the trees had dropped most of their seeds already. I found a closed one, and the children gathered around so excited for the treasure inside to be revealed, and imagine the excitement to find two twin nuts inside. The pure and simple joy of these moments...there is nothing like it.
I have always loved finding these shiny soft treasures, something about them makes me so happy, and this joy is equal with the children.
After this they were on the lookout for more buckeye trees, Kaleena can pick them out easily now, and each time we found one, they would sing; little tree little tree have you any gifts for me,
so very sweet! We gratefully found just a few more, and it was decided that they would live on the nature table, which is yet to be set up:)
It was a wonderful day indeed, full of beauty all around and cool crisp weather.
~Thank you for sharing this moment with us, and have a lovely evening~


  1. eek!!! i love those buckeye treasures so! it is so exciting to find them! such a special treat left at summer's end. :)

  2. That looks like such a beautiful place to explore and I 'ooohed' at finding the animal bones. My children would have thought that was the best ever! I love the little buckeye tree gifts, I dont think we have them here in Australia? I am yet to find one anyway.

  3. Oh so lovely. Makes me miss where I grew up.

  4. It's very pretty there. You must miss it. Wonderful treasures those little buckeyes, I've never seen them before. I must look them up so I can pick out the trees. Big kiss to you and the

  5. How heavenly! Kaleena unmistakably looks like a beautiful fairy climbing down those rocks- how blessed you are to have such a terrain to explore!

  6. What a lovely spot! You seem to have great natural beauty all around where you live, how fortunate.

  7. What a simple wonderful day you were able to enjoy. The wonders of nature and the treasures to behold, uncover and hold in your hands, thank you for sharing your wonderful day!

  8. wow! that's so pretty. i don't know that species of tree. thank you for sharing.

  9. How wonderful to have this right in your backyard. I hope that someday we can live in a place where we can have a chunk of wilderness to learn every nook and cranny of.


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