Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early morning in the woods, and fairy looms

Tuesdays have for now become the day that we go to the country, this coincides with the day that Kaleena is now meeting with a homeschooling group to learn spanish, and at the same time Keenan has the opportunity to do a craft together with other little ones, today they made fairy looms. We head out early to make it to the farm first for our weekly milk and egg pick up, and today we had enough time to go for a walk in woods before meeting up for the class.
It was a beautiful morning and once again the peace and quiet of the country helped me to tune into the appreciation of the present moment. It is chilly in the mornings now and there was a thick fog as we arrived. Lovely lovely....
Kaleena found a little magical spot in the woods where she lingered in peaceful bliss
lots of magic all all around
Once on the island with the homeschoolers Kaleena went with the bigger children for her hour of spanish and Keenan joined the little children in making fairy looms. We started out with a fairy story after which we started with the looms. All the mammas had brought in different treasures to use for weaving and adding to our looms
we started by weaving yarn around the Y shaped sticks which one mamma 
had brought from her apple tree
and then we started weaving treasures into the yarn, there was bells, feathers, wooden beads, shell and rocks with holes in them which we tied on with twine, and other treasures to choose from
Keenan really enjoyed stringing beads onto a string and then weaving this through the yarn
he really stayed focused throughout the whole process
I also finger knitted a strand of rainbow wool and attached a holed rock to it to create a beautiful little necklace, I made one for both children. This was an inspiration from one of the other mamas, and I love how well it suited the little ones
Keenan proudly showed off his creations, even volunteering for me to take a picture ( he is a wee bit tired of mama always taking pictures:)
and here are a few more pictures of some of the different looms that the children made.
I brought home an extra apple stick for Kaleena to make her own loom tomorrow, and I think we will make a purely natural one, in the sense that we will use only material gathered on our morning walk, use hemp string and then add it to our nature table
~Thanks to the mamas today for all the inspiration, and may you all have a lovely evening~


  1. Oh I am SO doing this with our homeschool group!
    They turned out just so lovely!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    xo maureen

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of our class today, Christina.

  3. They are gogeous! Thanks so much for posting this, I have seen similar before but yours have inspired me.

  4. Wow, these look wonderful and the photo's are so beautiful. I love the one of your daughter finding a magical spot and the concentration of you son as he was working, they a gorgeous.

    Have a lovely evening. xx

  5. So cool! i'm going to make these with my kiddoes!! Beautiful pictures!

    i gave you a blog award on my site stop by and claim it!


  6. How nice you've found a homeschooling group. I've seen these lovely looms on the weefolk blog, they put a lovely flower arrangement in it since they used three branches to hold it. - I shall get around to it some day. Little Keenie's is beautiful.

  7. we are doing this tomorrow at michaelmas (the natural materials version)! maybe you can add your expertise to the project? since i am gathering the supplies for this project, i welcome any contributions of weavable nature finds you wish to bring. ;) looking forward to being festive together! xoxo

  8. Hi! I came by way of the crafty crow and I am so glad I did. What a wonderful blog. And now on our hike today I will be looking for Y shaped branches for my three youngest girls so we can make our own fairy looms!

  9. When I look at Keenan's face in these images, it puts me so in mind of my young ones. Homeschooling them was such a fierce and wonderful blessing - to see those innocent, beautiful faces concentrating on something good and simple and lovely. Yeah. I am there again. And I think I might be a little sad. But the first shots - your daughter wandering in the woods - my land, woman - do you live on Anne's island? What a wonderful place. Your photos are full of images of a world every child should be allowed to grow up in. I know it for home immediately.

  10. love it love it love it. thankyou for sharing. a new and beautiful way for found treasures to be displayed.

  11. These are fabulous. Thank you for sharing.


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