Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thoughtful Sunday; The ongoing change

As my favorite time of year approaches, I cannot help but to be reminded of the rhythms of the seasons, and how I find this consistent changing comforting and also very life affirming.
Having spent most of my adult life in the tropical climate of South Florida, I can certainly appreciate 
the near perfect temperatures of January, February and March, while the northern parts are stuck in one blizzard after another, or at least in freezing cold temperatures. I also remember after having spent many years in the tropics that I sensed a very subtle change during each season, and learned to really appreciate and acknowledge this change. And yet as soon as I became a mother I started yearning for the very specific change that comes with four distinct seasons, and that I had known as a child growing up in Denmark.
It wasn't until having settled in these beautiful Appalachian  mountains that it became clear to me, what it was that I found so comforting about the coming and going of each season. 
Not only has autumn always been my favorite part of the year, a time of reflection and 
contemplation, winter also holds a special magic for me, the near absolute quiet, represents for me a sense of solitude and peace that is tangible and a needed time of "rest" in preparation for spring and the rebirth of the world outside. I enjoy harnessing the energy within our home,  tending the fire, lighting  candles, the exhilarating joy of the cold outside to then retreat inside and huddle in front of the fire with a cup of  hot chocolate. I mention only these two colder seasons because they are the two lacking in a tropical climate, and therefore it is what they represent that makes the difference for me. 
I also feel that for the children, to watch everything die back in late autumn and remain, at least to the eye, dead until the return of spring, when everything magically springs back to life, must on a subconscious level give them a comforting sense that things don't really die, but are simply changing shape and appearance. I hope it gives them a sense that life moves in an 
unending spiral rather than an enclosed circle.
At least that is what I have observed to be true for myself and I trust that at some level that may be true for the children as well.

~Thank you for sharing these thoughts with me, and may you have a lovely evening~


  1. So beautifully put. I feel so much the same way- especially as I also spent so many years in S. FL, and now live in a whole different kind of "paradise".

  2. I agree. We live a few hours east of you, and the weather was just perfect this weekend! Autumn is my favorite season too.

  3. Beautifully put indeed! Especially the part about the Autum dormancy and spring new growth teaching your children that things dont realy die but change shape and appearance. Just Beautiful!

    Im looking forward to seing your Etsy shop when you open it! I'm enjoying being buisy crarting for mine, its lots of fun:)

    Enjoy your new Autum!

  4. Beautifully expressed. Autumn is my favourite season as well. And I like what you write about the seasons correlating with life energy. So true. Thank you for sharing :-)

  5. We are heading into spring down here in the southern hemisphere but winter is my favourite season (being a quiet and home focussed person). I can't wait for that quiet cold to come back next year.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts of the season!

  7. Lovely post! Though since living in a cooler climate (next stop Antarctica!) I admit that I have moved further away form enjoying the winter and have yearned so strongly this last year for the sub tropic climate. I will appreciate Mother Earth's cycles though and it helps me to read posts such as yours and reminds me to embrace every season.


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