Sunday, September 26, 2010

The beauty that surrounds us

Today was a true autumn day, rainy, windy and temperatures in the 60ties, it was delicious.
These are a few images from our day
~a good evening to you~


  1. autumn really is here! i love it!!

  2. Amazing photos! Your autumn is beautiful!!
    have a lovely week

  3. Beautiful! You're a week or two ahead of us color-wise so I'm anxious for our leaves to really start turning. Enjoy the autumnal weather!

  4. I've been browsing your blog and really enjoying the beautiful photos. We've got Autumn here in Scotland now too...! I'm grieving for the summer that didn't really happen!

  5. b*e*a*utiful! you photos are always os inspiting...xoxo

  6. Wonderful, wonderful. You have Virginia Creeper, too!! Wow color with almost no staying power - but for its short display, fabulous. Kicking through the leaves - I heard it, heard it clearly. I am delighted. Thank you.

    And acorn mandella!! AND MY SECURITY WORD IS witches - did they do that for October? I want one that says, "pumpkins."

  7. The mandella! So delightfully lost in the acorn mandella. Acorns good. Mandellas good. Acorn mandellas? Good heavens, the divine is flowing through your fingertips!

  8. Wabi said it. She said: the divine is flowing through your fingertips. I had to write it myself because it is so right.


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