Monday, September 20, 2010

A peaceful warrior love cape

In a couple of weeks Keenan will turn 4, I cannot believe how big he is getting, already riding a bike and swimming, completely self taught, how I love that.
I have made this cape for him as one of his gifts. Looking at it now, I suppose I might have chosen to make it more of an actual cape shape, and I even considered, after finishing, to add on some triangles to either side to make the cape flair out more, but decided that it was indeed perfect for him right now.
He loves capes these days and usually makes his own out of the play silks, however when watching me make gifts for Kaleena's birthday he kept reminding me that he would like me to make something for his birthday as well, so I think he will love this and be proud to have his very own cape.
I will share the process although it is so very simple that surely no directions are needed:)
I started with a yard of wool felt which I got here, did a general measurement of Keenan, and cutting it t size
I used plates to get the rounded neck line
as well as the bottom corners
then I folded in the edge all they way around, and sewed with gold thread to create a more weighted edge
I cut out a peace sign in cardboard and traced it unto a different piece of wool felt
then I cut out the letters of his name and a heart pinned it all on and sewed with golden thread
Fot the strings I cut two pieces of the green wool, folded it in on itself twice and sewed down both sides, this way it will tie up nice and easy for Keenan's little fingers.

And there it is, I think it turned out really sweet, and I know he will love it, 
my little peaceful love warrior.
~A wonderful monday to you~


  1. What a treasure for a treasured boy. A mighty fine Peaceful Love Warrior he will make!

  2. Simply lovely. This really celebrates the peaceful warrior spirit!

  3. oh so sweet!! I am definitely making a couple of these for my two wild childs:-)


  4. The mighty cape. Giving small bodies and liquid and thrilling and tangible wake as they whistle through the air, small and earnest projectiles toward fate. Gotta make one soon myself.


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