Monday, September 13, 2010

A new shop on Etsy

Well, my sister and I have decided to see if perhaps we can generate a little much needed income selling a few of our favorite creations. It all started over the summer when I had the house here to myself, with the children of course, when my sister came back the children and I had been very creative and made lots of beautiful things. One thing she especially took notice off was the lanterns and vases. She really loved them, and said; "You could sell those, I would buy one if I saw them". I was really hesitant, thinking, surely anyone can make these, but she insisted. She is the type of person that prefers to pay for things rather than make them, and said that there are many people like her. She took a big part in this project, in fact most of the detail work on these vases are hers. It has been wonderful for me to watch as she has gotten back in touch with her creative side, she used to be amazingly creative, and to see her now choose to create over a film has been a blessing for me. 
As for me, what I would love to bring to this endeavor is more like the things you see here on this page, waldorf inspired crafts and such. As of yet I have just added a couple of custom order items, but I plan to add more as I get an idea of what people might be interested in. It is all very new to me, to even consider that people might buy the things that I make. I have painted for many years and people have always told me that I should sell my paintings, yet I have not pursued it. Now I find myself in a place where a change is needed and a way to create even a small extra income would be most welcome, and this is a place to start, and I am very excited about it, we are, my sister and I.
I would love to hear from anyone with any suggestions, advice or ideas. If you find the time to check out our little store, please let me know what you think, any and all suggestions are most welcome, anything that strikes you when you look, I would love to hear. Constructive criticism most welcome:)
It is indeed humbling to put this out there, I am no sales person to be sure.
And here then are a few pictures to give you an idea
Ohh yes and here is the link, I do hope you will check it out;
~with love and gratitude~


  1. I have a quick question, can the vase be washed? I can't say how many times I leave the flowers in too long and it needs a good soak and scrub.

  2. I have been following your lovely blog for a while now and think your ideas are so creative and that you have been very generous to share your work and tutorials. I checked out your new Etsy shop and it looks great. You should also list some of your fabulous felted creations since they are gorgeous.

  3. yay for you two!!! the vases and lanterns are beautiful. i LOVE your crown and banner. i think your banner could be much more than $12! what a steal! xoxo

  4. Lynette, good question, they cannot be soaked in water, yet hat we do is wet a sponge on the rough side ad soap to it and wash the inside, for the longer ones a brush with a handle is needed.

    Rae, the $12 is misleading, I did not know how to list it, because it depends on the length of the name, it is in fact $12 a triangle.

    Thanks for the comments!!!

  5. Hi, I think they are rather cool, remember to use all the 14 tags available to you, as this is what people use to search for items by. check out mine, to get the idea. cheers Marie

  6. They are very beautiful. Wonderful that you are starting your little store.

  7. gorgeus! This is something my children and myself can make!

  8. How exciting, all the beautiful things in your shop look great.Great photos, nice and bright and colourful. Wishing you both lots of sales:)

  9. What a fabulous endeavor! Congratulations! I am off to check out the shop now.

  10. p.s. Your shop looks gorgeous! how about listing some of your herbal goods -- echinacea strup, green salve, etc? Also your felted beads too.


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