Thursday, July 14, 2011

Visit to Ak lu'um, a Waldorf School initiative in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Today I went to visit a Waldorf school in the neighboring town of Playa Del Carmen.
As I mention often I am a homeschooler at heart, yet I do go in and out of considering alternatives, such as a Waldorf school for Kaleena. In reality it is out of our budget at this moment, but perhaps a trade  could be worked out, and so I went to see the school.
A lovely place it is. The school is an initiative, which means still in the beginning stages of development.
Currently they offer 2 Kindergarden classes, one first/second mixed grade, one third/fourth mixed grade and one fifth/sixth mixed grade. There is a total of 56 children attending the school.
The surroundings are amazingly beautiful, nestled in the jungle with winding pathways leading you from one place to the other. There is a small gardening area, and lovely little buildings serving different purposes throughout. Everything is built and made with intention and care, respecting the jungle in which it sits.
I always get the same sinking feeling when I visit any school, a sense of why? I cannot help it, I wish I would feel a sense of meaning and rightness, but I do not. Perhaps because I remember my own years of schooling, how meaningless they felt and how much I disliked them. 
This little beautiful school, nestled in the jungle, small and quaint did feel like a nice place to spend a few hours of the day though, at least for the community of like minded families, to learn the language and make friends. 
There are many things to consider for me to in-role  Kaleena there, not least of which is the money, the 45 min drive each way, that alone seems crazy even with car pooling as an option, and of course dropping my child off for some one else to "raise" her for almost half her waking hours.
Certainly left me with plenty to ponder.
To give you an idea...

Winding paths everywhere
School houses and playground
Composting garden toilet
Farm area with kitchen, chickens, turkeys and raised beds 
...and bicycle run blender
As far a schools go, this one really was something special.


  1. Amazing really! Wow is all I can say.

  2. It's a charming place. But 45 minutes is a long drive. And I'm a homeschooler at heart, too.

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