Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These days

A few images of the past week...
The path through the cenote is progressing nicely, here is a before and after picture to show the difference
This picture shows well how much the path has been raised
At home we have been spending much time inside, attempting to stay cool in this intense heat, without an air conditioning that is.
Kaleena is doing work in her main lesson book
I have been making sauerkraut in the only two glass jars that I brought from the states. It is amazing to me that  I cannot find any glass jars here, and I LOVE my mason jars. I cannot even find tomato sauce in a glass jar, and get a jar that way. Everything here comes in plastic.
I am also attempting to get a sourdough starter going, hoping to somehow find a good wholesome flour source.
Most of our meals consists of different variations of tacos and dips.
The one below is a taco with rice and beans, chopped fresh arugula and parsley, tomato, avocado and fresh farmers cheese, and because we do not have a blender yet, we make spirulina dressings to go with them.
Very yummy!
This is one of different variations of dips.
Mango, tomato, onion, parsley, cilantro and salt. So lovely in this heat
One late afternoon coming back from getting groceries this is what I found on the front step.
They are local berries, cannot remember the name, that supposedly are great to make juice out of and that helps clean the liver at the same time. The flavor of them raw is much like a mealy apple and not my favorite. But I am making a trial wild mead (honey wine) to see how that might come out.

Here is Kaleena picking the berries

The evenings are a lovely time to step out for a walk, here are the boys in their 
Sunday best


  1. Your work is coming along nicely. It's slow going I know, but it's worth it to see the results. What a great photo of Miquel and Keenan! Bright Blessings.

  2. The food looks delicious!
    I wish I could send you Mason jars...they are on sale this time of year for all the canning going on.

    I used to make mead in Arizona. Some turned out very well, like sherry, but some was so dry I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

  3. I have jars, darn it. Wish I could send. Lovely shots. Your daughter's journal is very good.


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