Friday, July 15, 2011

Around the Land

This has been the picture for the past many days. Waking up finding someone to help us push the truck to start, a lesson in humility it has been. In these parts people are not too forth coming when it comes to helping, unless there is money involved, this at least is my experience thus far. Today we were finally able to bring it to the mechanic and hopefully it will be ready to go by the end of the day.

Around the Land the paths are starting to take shape. The main path between the kitchen and the chicken coop is almost ready.
The bridge project has been abandoned, there will not be a bridge after all, I personally like that.
Instead the attention has shifted onto the path that meanders through the Cenote, we will raise and widen it to make it a more stable walkway, this will then serve as the main way across the water.
For lack of material, and most manpower being used to form the paths, not much progress has been made with the chicken coop. There are some very sweet little nesting boxes ready though.
I love how it is coming!
Towards the back of the Land there is currently a wet land or natural laguna happening.
With the heavy rains of the season it has become a sanctuary for thousands of tadpoles, it is quite a sight, they swim around in flocks, and are so plentiful that they can easily be scooped up with our bare hands.
The children enjoys it tremendously.
Once rainy season ends this area will return to being dry land, and we are putting a lot of thought into how best to utilize this natural occurring wetland, allowing it to remain laguna during the summer months, and perhaps being productive during the winter.
It is so beautiful, and even Linus happily got his feet wet and almost went for a swim, 
not his favorite usually.

Below are one of many wild orchids found around the land, and at the bottom the grass land is actually part of the Cenote. Years and years of sediments have settled on the bottom, so that the cenote appears quite small right now, once we dig out the sediments and clean it, it will be extremely big.



  1. The photos are amazing--and I am especially in love with the orchids! Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  2. yes those orchids are amazing! the second one looks like a delicate pink nose in the inside of the flower with some kind of ornament or tiny mustache! the pathway looks lovely and all the land around you. i hope your truck gets fixed soon - been there done that before, but at least in marin county people were always willing to help. about the previous post i thought you found a wonderful place for kaleena to go, but it is so far. that's a lot of time spent on the road and away from home. maybe you can do half days? or maybe just a couple of days a week and you can carry on the lessons at home.

  3. The question that comes very naturally to my mind (considering our own wet season) is mosquitos.

  4. Kristen, hence the gratitude for for each tadpole we see that will grow into a mosquito eating frog or toad. And yes, mosquitos are a pest right now!

    Anushka, we have pretty much decided to keep her home, it always comes back to that. We will likely enroll her in a few classes in town. I wonder about school, mostyl because she wants to, and then decide that it will have to come later. Hoping Miami is treating you well!!

  5. INCREDIBLE photos, Christina! I wonder what kind of camera you may be using... You probably have a better eye for detail and steadier hands than me, but I bet a part of the equation must be some great camera... Reveal, please! :)

  6. all well on the land, all look very happy even the crocodile !
    congratulations for a beautiful job !
    lot of love ! aura


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