Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A day on the beach

We have spent very little time on the beaches since we arrived, yet on the day we went there last week, we were all deeply inspired by the rugged wild appearance of the public coast line. I mention the public coast line because there is another part of the Tulum beaches that is also very beautiful, yet in a more tame manner.  It is lined with quaint little boutique hotels, that offer anything from yoga, cleansing, vegetarian food, local art and the like to the more alternative eco minded tourist.
So back to the public beaches;
on one end you have Mayan ruins sitting up high on the cliffs, at the other end cliffs rise and fall, to open up to private little coves. Most of these have simple cabin rentals, but some are still perfectly abandoned, well not entirely, massive amounts of garbage do bare witness to the presence of humans, yet even with garbage aplenty it is a stunning coast line, and garbage appears only in certain areas. 
This beach is also the beach that 5 species of sea turtles have chosen as their nesting grounds, and each year around this time of year, mama turtles return to the place where they were themselves born years ago and lay their eggs. It is a delicate affair, first the nests are threatened by the presence of people on the beaches, if there were no sticks to mark the spot it would be difficult to identify the nests. Then, once they hatch, they follow the light of the moon, I wonder if they hatch right around the full moon, sometimes they get confused by the light from nearby dwellings and steer the wrong way.
For this reason and others there are always people on the beaches during these times of hatching to help the tiny creatures to the ocean.
We saw dug out rounds with sticks around them, placed there to protect the nests, and were told that in 30 to 40 days the turtles will be hatching. Kaleena said that for her birthday she would like to go spend the entire evening until midnight helping the turtles reach the ocean.
I am looking forward to it!
And here a few images
So many beautiful treasures to find
Can you make out the perfectly carved gecko on the side of the rock.
Someone must have sat on that rock for a good many hours carving it out, beautiful!
A couple of the first necklaces we made with shells we found, 
another was made and given as a birthday gift.
We finger knitted the strings out of hemp.
And finally a little alter we made in honor of the great oceans and seas. We made it with the treasures 
we had found.


  1. Beautiful photos! When I was younger (I think I was around 10-12 yrs), we still lived in Florida, I was part of a baby turtle release. It was sooo much fun! Such joy to know I was helping them on their way. Kaleena and Keenan will have such a great memory if you guys get to be a part :)

  2. Gorgeous beach. I've always loved the beach - though it also frightens me. I dream of going to one that is so white sanded and clear blued as yours -


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