Thursday, July 7, 2011

Around the Land

I have been checking in on Farmama's Around the Farm posts on Thursday, and while we don't have much growing YET, I thought I would still like to join in and share the progress in a weekly around the Land post.

The compost pile which I started last week is looking really good, I do so love the process of making good healthy humus for the garden, nothing like watching nature at work..
 While working on the main path to our homesite, Miguel disturbed a Tarantula who had made a home in an old rotten log. Miguel scooped her out only to find a toad hanging out just there, for a moment it seemed there might be a hunt, yet both scrambled off in opposite directions.
 Miguel saw these bugs on the Hibiscus, never seen ones like this before they do not look friendly, yet I do love the picture.. 
 I wish I would have taken a before and after picture, yet here is how far Miguel has progressed with the path to the homesite. While he is leveling the path, moving many rocks he is also planting along the sides with all the plants he is moving out of the way, as well as with cuttings from around the land, it is starting to look like a pretty path.
The rabbits have been moved to a large pen, mimicking their natural habitat. 
They now have little tunnels and caves and a huge area to run.
In the back ground is where the chickens live and the chicken house is in the process of being built.
 Keenan is becoming friends with the bunnies
 And here is Facundo and friend working on the chicken house, I really like how it is coming. All the wood is from the land, mostly from trees partly burned by the fire a couple of years back. This style of building is very traditional to the area, and blends in so nicely
 Before the chickens had their larger free range area behind the chicken house they lived here.
The area is nicely shaded and the soil nice and loose, less rocky and also nicely fertilized from the chickens, today I worked on enclosing little beds between the large immovable rocks, tomorrow I will continue on this project until it is ready for planting in the next few days.
 The main path leading to the animals is also coming along nicely, all this work was done between today and yesterday.
 In the garden so far we have only corn, peppers and pumpkins growing. These were all planted before we arrived, and we shall soon have gardens filled with herbs, veggies, fruits and love.


  1. You have tarantulas there to,, we are quite used to our hairy friends now. The bunnies are cute. Looks like you have progressed quite a bit. We have let our chickens out onto the cow fields now and keep them in their small chicken garden at night but don't close the house. We seem to get more eggs that way. Just met Sara, she is so sweet. Have fun.. We'll be home in a couple of weeks!

  2. I love watching this progress. And the making of paths is so satisfying. I found myself immediately walking down the one to the animals, and had to catch myself back here again. this is real work. the kind that changes things. So much work these days is all papers and submissions and moving of money from hand to hand. I want to put my palm down flat against your earth. But I'll have to settle for my own.


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