Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspirational visit to a neighbor

Today we went to visit Jullian's mini farm half an hour from us.
We went to get inspired, to see how organic food growing was progressing on his land and how he deals with some of the challenges presented in this somewhat extreme climate. He and his family have been working their garden for the past three years, and they are doing a lot of the things that we are looking forward to get started with.
Their house is off the grid, using only solar power and gas. Their toilets are composting (liquids and solid separated and composted for six months to use in garden on NONE edibles), and all of their grey water (all waste water from within the house) is used in the garden, including on a patch of grass for their son to play football. 
Besides the mosquitos, which simply cannot be avoided these days, it was an inspiring visit,
we left with many good ideas. 
There was an abundance of goodness in the garden, pumpkin, sweet potato, okra, eggplant, peppers, kale, lemon grass, basil, mint to name but a few...
below is a wild spinach climbing
raised beds
baby arugula sheltered from the strong midday sun
A first year papaya thriving after a good dose of homemade compost and worm castings
5 passion fruit vines were planted, and now create a living roof over two structures that are used as dark and shade rooms to grow mushrooms in. The vines not only offer shades but also lovely fruit and beautiful flowers, permaculture at its best, at least three uses for each plant planted. 
Jullian gifted us with a passionfruit vine when we left, looking forward to get it in the ground..
For a roof in the house they had the traditional Palapa roof, which we will also have on our house.
It has amazing insulating properties, withstands storms well, and is so pretty. The leaves that were used to shade the baby arugula are the leaves also used to create these roofs
The children really enjoyed exploring his beautiful surroundings...
and Linus too...
We left with many good ideas, having made a new friend and even a few baby plants.
~green blessings~


  1. What an inspirational neighbor to have! We just gathered the first fruits off our passion fruit vines... my children love their tang and crunch (and playing with the empty shells afterward). I love it when the vines are in flower!

  2. This is an amazing journey! What a freeing focus on living. Mmmmmm.....

  3. What a paradise. Beautiful. You had me at your very first shot. Green and light - translucence. A miracle, every time.

  4. this is unbelievable!!!! I love how they shade the arugula with the palms... so smart! We live in Florida and it gets quite hot... so it's inspiring to see that gardening can happen all year! what a beautiful life you have!!!!!!

  5. A magical farm, and I know the farm you are in the midst of growing will be every bit as magical. I LOVE the palapa roofs. I remember gazing upon them dreamily in my childhood travels to Mexico. Mexico holds a very special place in my heart.



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