Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Land

I thought that I might make a formal introduction to the project that we are undertaking and taking part in. At times it truly feels more as a dream than as a "project". A dream in the sense that... well, more like a dream in the full meaning of the word. It all started as a concept, that came from a dream which brought up a"project" which became a plan of action, that then brought us here to this piece of jungle that we like to call; The Land...

A few years ago 5 friends got together and purchased about 4.5 hectares of jungle in Tulum Mexico.
The idea was to create a self sustainable beautiful piece of land, that could also somehow create and income, likely through renting cabins, offering seminars on permaculture and the like, perhaps a nursery and/or other ideas.
From what I understand two of the partners moved to the land initially (about 3-4 years ago), they built a very simple structure to live in and a simple kitchen. These structures are used today by the workers who currently live and work on The Land.
They (the two partners) stayed for a few months, leaving behind some very creative points of interest.
Most of the work that the workers have been doing these past few years, have been to clear the under brush, as well as take down dead trees, of which there were many, due to the forrest fire about two and a half years ago. There are between 4 and 8 workers, plus Jose who is the head of the workers, they work on which ever project needs attention at the moment, currently that attention has moved from the bridge to the chicken corral, hmmmm

All around the land there is pile after pile of forrest debris: "gold" once mulched.
There is also the free range chicken neighborhood under construction, complete with three different roaming areas, nesting house for laying hens, separate nesting house for expecting mamas, nursery for mama and her chicks and a separate area for young chickens. This is being built as we speak and was already in the process when we arrived.
There are also a few goats intended for milk, some rabbits I believe for meat and a few turkeys.

The reason that we are here as seen through my eyes, is that while the partners are all excited to see their vision unfold, none of them really want to make the move out to The Land, being still so unfriendly and remote.
We, on the other hand love everything about the lifestyle of creating just such a place, in true Robison Crusoe style. We will be able to build our own home, building it as much as possible with what we can find locally and naturally, preferably straight off the land itself. We will Terra-form it into a sustainable piece of heaven, paying close attention to the naturally occurring tendency of the land. Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, tending the seeds and harvesting the mature fruit. Recovering and reforesting the jungle into a producing ecosystem, perfect and balanced... permaculture, Rudolf Stainer, medicinals, endangered species... We will be living with animals as friends, for eggs, milk and cheese. 
Everything about this lifestyle excites me.
I might have chosen a different part of the world to create this lifestyle had I had a range of choices, yet I have no doubt that life brought us here for a reason.
We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we do have a tight budget, we are not completely free to do exactly as we want without consulting the group of friends who are funding the endeavor, yet what an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity, to help make a realty of this vision.
At a point in our lives where we were completely starting over without clear direction, without capital, yet with an openness to be guided and a wish for a certain lifestyle, life brought us here.
It truly is a win win situation.
I trust we will create something amazing here.
~in gratitude~


  1. Oh, but Christina - life is not an entity with form and intent - not that I have ever noticed, not in all my years. If you feel that you were given this gift, you are feeling the intent behind the gift, and the love. So there must be something real out there, something that knows you and what you love, and cares what happens to you, and is capable of matching you to a wonderful circumstance - something that gives you this land and life, and give the land you. I hear the gratitude in your words.

  2. mmmm, i know you will too. you are one of those people who everything they touch turns to gold.


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