Monday, October 24, 2011

Waiting for the storm, house progress and going off line

As hurricane Rina is nearing our coast we are hoping to avoid a straight on landfall here in Tulum, either way the beaches will not look like they did Sunday when the children and I stole away for a few hours of tranquil enjoyment. As it turns out I will not be here for this storm, I leave tomorrow to spend a few days with a dear friend and perhaps pick up a few of my jars in the storage:)
This also means that I will be off line for the week as I have decided to travel light, neither computer nor camera will I bring, can I manage I wonder? Hard to imagine not to have a camera in hand, but I am determined to simply take mental images this time, and unplug completely.
The house is all of a sudden moving along quickly and who knows maybe it will have walls when I return. Today they started laying the stones for these walls so now it wont be long, 
good thing as we need to be out of the rental no later than dec 7th.
So until next week...



  1. Beautiful! Have a great trip and I hope the hurricane stays away from yall.

  2. Oh those pictures are so clear and perfect. what worlds away we are from each other. I ache for the sea now, and a sunny day or two. Enjoy your time away and your unplug, I am overdue for some time out and am seeking out a when and a where now. Always a joy to stop by and see how you are getting on now. A round house, I am excited for you xx E

  3. Go safely. I'm glad you won't be there for the storm.

  4. wow! gorgeous beach. the weather is always nice before and after a hurricane. have a good time in miami - maybe we'll run into each other! : )

  5. Oh,the beach is so beautiful! And how wonderful your home is being built. Can't wait to see more. Blessing to you and your family. Enjoy being unplugged for a while!


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