Friday, October 21, 2011

A children's garden in the making

With all the rain we have been having many projects have been halted, so we decided to get started with
one of the children's areas that we hope to create. As you can see below,  the area already had a basic tee pee structure but had otherwise been abandoned. I needed a place to plant my cucumber seedlings and the tee pee seemed a perfect place. This together with a wild climbing spinach that we had growing in a different, less ideal, location will create a lovely shaded hideout for the children. We cleared the front of the area, moved a few banana palms over that needed new location and will
eventually offer lovely fruit for the children to pick and an orange tree.
It became clear that we need to add a structure for climbing as both children enjoyed climbing the tee pee so much for the couple of days when it was under construction. We plan to clear the weeds and grasses back to the fence line and add a simple climbing structure, perhaps some tree stumps to jump between and ideally a little tree house or a simple deck. We shall see....

Look at this amazing spider that Kaleena found right in the middle of hunting time.
As we were watching, a grasshopper got stuck in her web, as you can see on the second picture, and in a few seconds it was already wrapped in the silken wrap of the spider, really amazing to watch.



  1. woah! awesome spider hunting shots! love the teepee too. i've always dreamed of having a teepee in my yard one day. with cucumber vines - even better!

  2. Looks so nice!
    I just wantad to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. It makes me so happy, when you comment! Especielly regarding the loss of my father! I hope for you and your family that you can give your father a proper goodbye. It is so hard loosing parents!
    Thank you for a lovely blog. I think I have read all your post now! I have travelled in Guatemala and would love to visit Mexico some day!

  3. Wow, love the teepee! What a wonderful place for children to play and explore!

  4. It has always been my dream to build one of these out of sunflowers and climbing vines (I saw it in a fantastic book - ever thought of planting sunflowers around yours?). I haven't yet had the space, but one day. Thanks for sharing, I'm inspired!

  5. Elegant. And elemental. The green is so vital, clear as lightning.

  6. I just found this on pintrest. SO cute. Right down my alley. I like that you made it so they could climb it. We are going to have to make this! My kids love to garden with me and this would totally be something they would adore.

  7. I just love your teepee! It is so cool!

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