Monday, October 17, 2011

After the rain

Today the rain stopped. It has been raining since last wednesday, 
and torrential downpour without a break for the past three days.
Today we found a water world at the land, the cenote reached across the paths all the way through.
It was really beautiful and the children were in heaven.
Keenan sweetly thought he might help clear the path by pouring water with an empty yoghurt
container back into the cenote. 

 Ahh yes, and another crocodile was spotted yesterday by Abelardo, a bit smaller than the one we moved. So it seems that we will be dealing with these guys for quite some time, catch and release. 
And would you believe it Kaleena still went for a swim, a quick one close to the edge, but still...
She reasoned; "but we have swum here so many times and it seems they have been here all along and never bothered us" I told her to make sure to make a lot of noise and be extra aware.
(To think that I allowed it...... does that make me an irresponsible mama?)

Yesterday I felt it was ok to allow Kaleena a quick dip in the cenote, today I feel different. 
Even if these are shy and timid crocodiles, even if locals in Belize are not too concerned about swimming in the rivers with this type of croc, even if these are freshwater crocs, even if they are unlikely to attack, even if they hunt mainly at night, even if there is plenty of food 
such as fish and the like in the cenote, 
even if we were probably swimming with them all along, 
even if the chance of an attack is actually minimal,
 I will not allow Kaleena nor Keenan to swim in the cenote for the time being.
I have also forgiven myself for allowing it yesterday:) 

 All the plants were in heaven...
 all of the papaya seedlings had grown extra leafs
 and the avocados as well, aren't they beautiful?
 To think that all you do is put the avocado seed, pointy side up, into some dirt and a little tree grows.
I know it is like that with all seeds of course, but I just so love to watch the process unfold, especially with such a big dense seed as the avocado (and mango as well), and then to think that in a few years, five or so, we will pick avocados from the trees we started from a seed.
 How about a bucket full of maggots?
The crew has moved to the back where they will have their own kitchen, dry toilet
and rooms. As we were cleaning out the kitchen in the front we came across this flooded compost bucket filled with maggots. Kaleena could not think of enough words to let us know how she felt about the sight. Either way we brought the soupy mix back to the chickens and they loved it!
This is excellent protein for them, so good in fact that Jose is in the process of making a maggot farm up against the outside wall of the chicken corral. Next week we will also add a red worm farm to the chicken area, here the idea is to feed the worms to the chickens and use the worm castings in the garden.  

 The rooster proudly prancing around keeping lookout, he ate a couple himself and like the perfect gentleman left the rest for the ladies
 He is such a lovely rooster, so friendly and lets the children hold him without any fuss, 
and he is so handsome:)



  1. You have such a beautiful life. So different from mine up here in the tundra. I love seeing a different part of the world through your blog, and the love and joy your kids experience is evident in every posting. Blessings-


  2. How interesting to read first you, then Amanda's comment. The planet is so large. But we meet here in this small beam of light. I live in the mountains - and we make our living making music. Different lives, different worlds, the same loves, the same heartbreaks, the same joy.


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