Friday, October 7, 2011

This day

These days whenever I go to the land, I always make a few stops along the less trafficked roads to pick up greens for my compost piles. I make a new pile most days I go lately, and right now there are 5 piles cooking,  getting ready, rich good compost for the vegetables beds.
I really enjoy this process, getting the pile just right, each time getting it more the way I want it; nice and square to keep even pressure throughout the pile, thoroughly wet between each layer. Then checking the temperature by sticking a machete into the center and see how hot it comes out and then some more to aerate it, adding more water if too dry and so on. 
Building the soil, giving love and intention to the earth that will later grow the food that will nourish us, 
I love it! 

 The compost is cooking, the seeds have sprouted all we need now are the beds ready.
Today Miguel and I cleared the first bed of many many rocks, 
while Abelardo filled a few of the remaining holes in the walls. Then I added a dusting of ashes to add some potassium, but more as a kind of cleanser for the soil. 
This was recommended by a local gardener, to give a fresh start.
Saturday I will sheet mulch inside the bed to build the soil right where we need it, I think that in this heat, if we keep it wet and aerated it should be ready to plant within a month.

 The crocodile was around again, but I was too late with the camera and caught just the tail 
slipping into the water

 I checked on all the babies, we have many trees sprouting nicely. Especially the avocado
seeds have almost all shot up nice little trees. And when we were cleaning an area the other day I started many cuttings from the trees to see what would root, and so far it looks like they all are rooting nicely.
And of course I stopped by the house a few times, it is coming along nicely...


  1. I love to watch you in the process, and I love to know that you are taking pleasure in the work. I love gardening in theory- it's just in practice I'm not so motivated. Sigh. Things are looking very good.

  2. Coming along nicely indeed!



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