Thursday, August 4, 2011

Around the Land

Today I went to the land with the children for the first time in a long time, we have been without car for almost three weeks now, (don't ask), and getting back and forth with a taxi as well as the heat has seemed very overwhelming for me, Miguel has been going but we have been staying.
So today we went and it was really so lovely, sometimes just getting out of the house is all it takes, to really appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us at any given moment. 
It made me really look forward to move and live on the land. 
 As it turns out we have a crocodile in this part of the cenote it seems.
I have not yet seen it, but apparently it is 1.5 meters long. I did some research and it is either an American crocodile or a Morelet's crocodile, both are medium sized crocodiles and while there has been attacks on humans reported, they are apparently shy and not too aggressive....
None the less, as we have little children we do not wish to share our little swimming hole with a crocodile, and also do not wish to harm it, so we hope to capture it and release it elsewhere. 
I have researched to see if there are nature reserves or organizations to help in such efforts to no avail, 
so we are on our own. It should be interesting...
 The path through the cenote is now finished, except for parts of the bridge below, that still needs touching up. Also a couple of parts of the paths are sinking a little, we are waiting for it to settle and then fill it in to even it out.
Beauty by Nature
 The path leading to the swimming area of the cenote has also been widened, and is looking really nice
 More beauty by Nature
 Tiny little forrest floor flower, reminds me of the Pipsissiva found in the woodlands of Western North Carolina.
I have heard mention that the one below is a local medicinal but have yet to learn more about it.
We have met an old Mayan medicine man who knows a lot about the local medicinal plants and he will come with us one day to help identify the medicinal plants present on the land, 
and share with us their uses. I for one am looking very much forward..
 Our little wetland in the back has turned into quite a little bird sanctuary, you wouldn't know it from this picture, but the amount of birds, butterflies and dragon flies (NO mosquitos at all for the past week or so) buzzing around was just amazing, and the peace and quiet of this place was enough to soothe my soul well into next week, it will be lovely to have this as my back yard..
 Besides observing all the beautiful details that nature provides us with,  and the amazing work being done around the land, we also had the good fortune to visit a cenote in a cavern just a few "doors" down from us. How to describe this place....
Coming up the forrest path the earth suddenly dropped about 5 meters leaving a large circle below, as we came down a few steps we could see the cave all around the edge of the circle, the cenote circled the entire perimeter  of the circle, 360 degrees, some areas were very shallow and narrow while other parts were wide and clear. many bats flew overhead soundlessly in and out of the little caves within the cave wall and ceiling. The water was cold and refreshing and the children loved the experience. 
I understand that these kinds of cenotes are not uncommon here, in fact there are lots, yet most you have to pay and share with many people. 
This one was just down the road, private and wild, and the first one that we have visited.
It felt mystical and magical. 
This is how the entire perimeter looked, with a small piece of heaven in the middle
On the road going back home we were surrounded by thousands and thousands of butterflies.
Usually on this road by the little puddles there are always lots of butterflies, at least during rainy season it seems, but this was something quite extraordinary. When the truck would slowly come closer to the spot on the road where they all gathered they would all take to the air and surround us by the thousands. Yellow little butterflies everywhere. This was a magical moment for us all. The children got out of the car, running and jumping with them...I was beautiful..

 Catching a ride to the taxi surrounded by butterfly magic


  1. oh what a magical day! you were truly blessed by your visit that day. i think your land is trying to tell you something. butterflies, mystical cenotes, beauty by nature everywhere. i love that second to last picture.

  2. Wow! The cave and the butterflies are amazing! What special moments for you all. Bright blessings.

  3. What an incredible place to live! And what an unforgettable experience for your little ones. I have to say, I'm a bit envious. Our backyard is boring compared to your cenote and cavern!
    Thanks for sharing your magical experiences.
    ~Blessings to you~

  4. I too have had such a butterfly experience. It's amazing. One of my friends, a young man walking to class one morning, found himself in the middle of a cyclone of moths, and it frightened him. (I'm smirking) Your land is lovely. But I was worried about the crocs from the moment I saw the cenote. I wish you could just talk to him and ask him not to bite anyone. Luckily, so far, he hasn't. This is not a danger-less place where you have settled. But safety has always been in awareness and understanding of the surroundings. I could almost feel that cool water as I looked at the one in the grotto. What an odd and amazing experience you are having. My favorite part of it is the path. I want to walk down the path.

  5. The butterflies! WOW! Actually, all of it is WOW, but the butterflies - a powerful message for you and your journey. Interesting that it should come after your last post.

    I want to walk down that path too. And take photos upon photos. There wouldn't be a memory card big enough, I think.

  6. What a beautiful place to call home. I'm sure those butterflies will live in your memories forever, what a wondrous experience.


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