Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hard work around the Land

 On Monday we broke ground on our house, yeah!!!, and Keenan has been joining Miguel on the land to help with the work. Since we have talked of building our own house, he has been very adamant that he will be in charge of the walls and take part in all the building, and he is keeping his word.
He is a good worker and takes great pride in what he does, how happy it makes me that he once again has a male figure to work along side. 
So far we are just preparing for the foundation by digging a trench around the perimeter of the home site. The house will be round, and we are building the house that Miguel designed.
Before helping at the homesite Keenan got busy with his wheelbarrow filling in to create the paths.
These paths are at the front of the Land, and already make such a difference to the overall feeling of everything. In the places between the paths gardens will be formed. 
The landscape will be focused on edibles, mixed with other useful plants as well as lots and lots of flowers. The idea is to create a landscape that once settled will need very little maintenance.
The picture below is from the day before yesterday
And this one is from yesterday
Here is Keenan and the workers at the homesite digging out the trench around the perimeter of where the house will sit. It is hard work as there are huge rocks everywhere. The rocks dug out will then be used to create the actual foundation, upon which we will build with the earthbags.
And here is Keenan looking how he did when he returned home, happy, tired and dirty.
The sense of accomplishment that shined from his eyes as he shared with me all that he had done was beyond words, and made this Mama very happy!


  1. what a great helping boy you have! he has grown up so much since i began following your blog. it is so nice to see boys working on the land. ezra loved helping his grandparents on their ranch in california and we miss the physical work and play he had there everyday so much! p.s. as to my last comment on your blog... i've decided i can't put him in school after all. not yet anyways. 4 and a half, however big they may seem, is still too young for me to let him be in someone else's care for 6 hours of the day five days a week.

  2. Anushka, I am so glad that you decided to keep Ezra home!

  3. A very small, very serious person who is learning what it means to be a good man. How wonderful. How beautiful. And the paths? Deeply satisfying.

  4. I am truly in love with your blog and this new project of yours. It's like a dream, and it is quite comforting to see that someone can make your dream real :)
    Thanx for sharing!!


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