Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Times of change

How things change!
 There is no getting around the fact that change is constant, at least in my life.
Going through the pictures of the past year getting ready to put together the yearly Birthday Books
I am amazed to see how different everything was just one year ago, 
and therefore also the content on this blog.
There has been so many changes in our lives these past years and I am amazed at how little actual say we have had in these changes. Sure, we make the decisions one at a time, and looking back there are a couple I would have made different knowing what I know today, but that is not even the point either.
So many times over the past three years I have packed up, and with my children headed off into what seemed at the time to be the right direction,  to find that it was only a stepping stone along the way.
In fact let me give you a brief description of the past few years leading up to now...

We bought our first home in Miami, Miguel landscaped that garden from scratch.
Looking for more nature, mountains, four seasons and an alternative community, we sold our house 
and moved to Asheville, well Marshall just outside Asheville. With 4 acres and a dream of creating a self-sustainable homestead, we headed into the unknown. We loved it immediately!
It was not to last forever though, financial crises hit, we made a few very irresponsible decisions, and from one moment to the next everything was turned upside down. Our family separated, and me and the children on our way to the Dominican Republic to stay with a friend thinking that we would reunite with Miguel there.
First a quick stopover in Miami as quickly became a habit...
Then the Dominican Republic
That however was not to be either, and within four months we found ourselves headed back to Asheville to stay with my sister and her daughter. This time thinking that we would work out the paper work for us to move to Denmark and wait for Miguel there.
Before Asheville another stopover in Miami. Here we enjoyed spiritual friendships before embarking on the next leg of our journey.
First Miami..
And then Asheville
Right around here I started this Blog..
Right as we were nearing the date of reuniting with Miguel, we realized that we would not be able to make the move to Denmark after all, the rules for immigrating to Denmark with a husband are super tight and a lot of money is needed as security. We simply could at the time not manifest the funds needed.
We tried hard not to go to Venezuela due to the political unrest as well as following the recommendations of Miguel's family, yet found after looking at our options that Venezuela would indeed be the next step, and once the decision was made we surrendered to it completely and went, 
happy to spend time with the latin side of our family.
First though we spent almost two months in Miami..
and then Venezuela, reuniting finally with Papa
As I said we surrendered to being in Venezuela determined to make it work and finding a way to make an income, still thinking about Denmark for the future. Yet within a month of our arriving there our friend Roko offered us to come here to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to help homestead The Land.
Of course we stopped over in Miami first:)
And here we are...
Wow, well that was a lot of personal information. The point of going through it like that, was because along the way we made many decisions that turned out to be very temporary yet very specific steps leading to the next part of the journey. I realize that each moment in our lives serves a very specific purpose helping us along our spiritual path teaching us and showing us exactly what we need. 
There is always a purpose always a reason, it is what it is and it is always right.

And so here I am back where I started, looking back at how my life looks so different from this time last year, and how this Blog looks so different from what it did last year. 
Truly the name fits so well, for this blog journals my life as it is from Moment To Moment,
and as such the content will change as will my life.
Yesterday I came across this quote which puts everything I have been feeling so perfectly..

Do not fear the form in which it comes,
it comes in the form it needs to come in
for us to be challenged... for us to grow,
each and every one of us according to our kind,
according to our belief... according to our vibration.
Embrace the unknown... embrace the change,
within it you will find the rest of yourself. ~ Bashar



  1. Thank you for sharing this with us! Beautiful family.

  2. What a lovely post. I think it's wonderful that even through all of those changes and periods of separation that you were able to hold on to your love for one another. So glad that you are all together now, and hoping it stays that way forever. :)

  3. I appreciate you sharing your journey! It's always neat to hear how people got to where they are today. I don't remember how I found your blog... I've been a lurker for a while. But, after reading this, I'm sure we are bound to meet someday. I grew up in Miami and now live with my husband and two kids (Kaia, 8 and Leif,2) in Asheville. :-) Your new homestead looks like an amazing and wonderful challenge!

  4. Hi!
    It's Eva, Sharyn and Tina's friend. Your blog is beautiful, very inspiring and motivating. It sounds like, while tough at times, you really are living to the fullest: embracing what comes and surrendering to what is. I'm working on this too :-) Congratulations to you and thank you for sharing.
    We saw Sharyn today and asked about you and your kiddos. I send you lots of love and keep you in my prayers. May all your endeavors be fruitful.

  5. Thank you for chronicling your journey in that way. I wonder if I could handle such transitions with as much grace as you appear to have. My heart swelled and my eyes clouded over to see your family back together again - I miss my partner when we're away for the weekend.

    Your new home is so beautiful. I'm a bit envious of that time in the wild for my own children, living in a neighborhood (but visiting nature preserves weekly). One day we'll have a bit of woods of our own, but I doubt we'll ever have a cenote!

    And thank you for sharing that beautiful verse - exactly what I needed to read today.


  6. this is really beautiful. what a journey you've all been on - an international one and one with good friends and family around. i loved seeing your beautiful home in asheville and the garden miguel designed in miami. surely you will build a haven for yourselves where you are meant to be. your quote has me thinking so much about what to do with ezra and this montessori school opportunity. i am waffling about sending him full time (not what i was hoping for) or keeping him home and continuing to homeschool and find friends for him elsewhere. it is proving to be the most difficult decision for me and i'm leaning toward keeping him home. but, your quote makes me think i should venture into the unknown and embrace the change. ugh... why do see signs everywhere?

  7. What a journey you're on! How right you are about the constant nature of change and about the limits of our choices in this life. I know all too well how frustrating it can be when dreams are out of reach (for awhile) due to finances and immigration policies, but you seem to do a wonderful job keeping a positive outlook and rolling with it all. And what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for sharing. What a journey, with faith, determination and love that guided your way. Aum, Namaste,

  9. Thank you for sharing!

    I admit that I was away from yoru blog for a while and when I checked back in was a little confused:-)

    As long as you are all together the journey is just an adventure!!

    many blessings!


  10. Wow what an incredible life you and your family have had these past few years, so many beautiful places! And sunshine! Love, love that final quote!

  11. My sweet sister, you are such an expert at expression..Thanks for the inspiration. I loved it..I hope our paths cross again one day soon..MIKA

  12. Spiritual life or no, when you feel tired, understand that you have good reason to be. The planet spins under your feet, and there is so much beauty, and with the children, so much love. But a woman needs some stillness, too. Something that will stay the same for more than one moment. We get tired. But tired never has to mean unhappy. it's just tired.

  13. It's been a while since I have stopped by. I loved reading about your gypsy journey here and there. Loved all the photos of your beautiful kids, too!


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