Friday, August 19, 2011

Life is more...

Today we grieve the passing of a dear friend.
The shock and sadness of it feels immense.
He is a special soul, filled with light, love and compassion.
In his life on earth he held a special friendship with Keenan at a time when 
my little boy most needed a male influence and a friend.

In these moments it seems so important to remember that life is not merely physical, and that while we will no longer meet in this world, spirit remains eternal and present.
Why is it that dying brings us such sorrow and sadness, such a sense of loss and helplessness?
I believe that there must be a time of grieving, it is right and it is important.
I just wonder at this fear of death, why can we barely talk about it openly,
except with a very few, and I do not mean when we are presented with it up close,
but as part of growing and learning?
Could it be our fear of separation, if there could in fact be any separation?
Or could it be our fear of the unknown, the belief that once we leave this body which is all that we know, there might be nothing else?
Or is it because no matter what we believe we simply
cannot know for sure what actually happens?
As with all things in life we have to turn to faith it seems
 (not faith in the religious sense of the word necessarily),
but a faith in the goodness of this Universe,
in the order and rightness of the way things are,
even beyond the seemingly random events of everyday life.
Could it be that tragedy and pain have an actual purpose,
serving a specific need in the evolving process of human consciousness,
which is beyond the physical realm of existence?
In a universe where nature exhibits such perfection doesn't  it stand to reason
 that there is indeed a "Higher Order" or "Design",
even though life seen through the human eye may not always realize it?
The Universe knows no waste, everything has a purpose,  a reason to be,
 and I believe that that energy that-we-are-all-part-of
is all Intelligent, Loving and Compassionate.
Is it perhaps time our society (particularly our western society)
acknowledges that death is a natural part of living,
a natural part of the ongoing cycle of life?
And should we perhaps start teaching our children that while we may not know exactly what we will find "on the other side", we have no need to fear it,
but should rather embrace it as the part of life that it is?
Just as the trees that die to the eyes in winter, and then as if by magic comes back to life, were never actually dead, so our soul never dies, it simply returns to where it belongs.

We Love you Elliot..


  1. It is my belief, long held through decades of living, that this life is part of our education, a step along the eternal way to what we may fully be. It's the separation, the shutting of the door, that is so painful and frightening. And the process of dying, which never seems like much fun. What you have written is lovely, and makes total sense to me. I am sorry, so sorry, for the loss you now have to go through. But I don't feel sorry for him - in fact, I think I feel a little envy - the things he now knows - the questions that must be finding such stunning, amazing answers - and no more danger. No more worrying about having to keep alive on this world. So much other work to do - so much to learn. A glorious, glorious thing - even if you only consider that gravity is no longer a factor in his movement.

    Life is weird C. We work so hard to keep it going. Because it's important to do it right, to learn love and responsibility, and integrity and service and selflessness - and you only do that when resources are finite. And the planet is so beautiful. And we hug each other, and that's the best.

    But this is only the beginning.

  2. You have brought your thoughts across so well - yes, we are not 'gone forever' but to 'somewhere else' but it's that somewhere that is so hard to understand, isn't it? . We just hope that our loved ones and ourselves are going to be happy but none of us know for sure. Like you , I have faith that we are a part of a Universal cycle, that we have a purpose and that death is a part that cycle. Only, it is so hard to remember that, when a loved one is physically no longer here. Wishing you the strength to celebrate the joy and accept the loss. Thanks for sharing your insightful words.

  3. it is hard losing those you love but i think especially when they are young. there's nothing like being there in the flesh together and you can't help but think of all the times you'd like to still have together. i'm sorry for your loss. your words are beautiful and i agree with all that you say. but even accepting death as part of life it is hard not to be sad when it's come time to say goodbye. i hope you all feel elliot's spirit around you and within you forever.

  4. beautiful post - thank you for sharing :)

  5. Ach its just so sad to let loved ones go. Its missing them that is the hardest thing I think, and Then one can miss them so much, we miss the point that they really are here, or perhaps the opportunity to feel them within us. Death is hard on the eyes, thats so true... but opens the heart, when we let it.....It asks us to look deeper, and connect with eachother beyond physicality. It helps us to let go of what we attach ourselves to and embrace what comes in. May you be surrounded by love and support, and your dear friends family and loved ones too, He looks like such a bright one, I am sure he is with you all still. Thank you for sharing xxx E

  6. Beautifully written, thank you.


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