Sunday, August 14, 2011

Organic Farmers Market Tulum

Every saturday there is in town a little organic farmers market.
It is still very small, as it has only been happening for about 2 months, but it shows great promise and I am looking forward to have a small stand, where I will sell a few plant starts, greens and breads, and if all goes well, fresh homegrown Spirulina.
We have found at this market, the best honey that I have yet to come across, and I have tried many, it is so delicate and clean that it is a taste sensation beyond words. We are big honey people in this family using it as a super food and as a natural medicine, so even when our budget is tight, such as it is right now, we prioritize having a good raw honey. 
Clearly we are looking forward to include a few hives on the land once we are ready.
At the market there can also be found organic brown rice and beans, granola, chutneys, as well as a smaller selection of greens and a nice selection of live sprouts. Also fresh farmers cheese and natural body care products.
The farmers who come to sell their goods here, represent a nice collection 
of locals and international transplants, 
all of whom share a passion for living consciously and sustainably, a lovely community indeed!
~sweet blessings~


  1. i love how they bottle their honey. so nice for you to have this community event to be a part of.

  2. Ah - the net is fabulous. Love the color. And love, love, love true markets. I don't mind spending money very much when it goes to the hands of the farmer, the artist, the person doing the work. There is so much life in your land - what a backdrop.

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