Friday, December 31, 2010

This Moment

A friday ritual inspired by Soulmama
A single photo, no words
A moment I want to pause, treasure and remember
~here's to happy times with friends and to a new year filled with wonderful surprises~
I will once again take a break from this space as we are going to be on the move once more.
~Blessings to us all~


  1. hopefully we'll all focus on the cuteness of these four and not the incredibly smudged mirror. ;) love you!!! xoxoxo

  2. They look like they are having such a wonderful time. I love all the smiles.

    Our moment is a little snow snack -

    Blessings for a wonderful 2011!

  3. If this is the Big Move, may it be as simple and stress free as any such thing can ever, ever be. My prayers for a shower of blessings on your family. I'll be watching for you.

  4. It's such a sweet photo Christina, blessings for the NY. The little ones already sailed their boats and are in dream land. Much love, kisses to the

  5. happy and bright little ones!
    many blessings to you christina in this new year and during your move!

  6. So sweet mama! You children are beautiful!!


  7. I see people laughing, and it's a great thing to see! love, Beth


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