Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowflakes on a winter day

Every christmas time we make paper cutting snowflakes, and whenever possible we make it coincide with a snowfall, last year in the tropics that was obviously not possible. We have had snow for the past three days, yet no accumulation to speak of. This morning the children put on their snow suits and went hunting for ice cycles,  something that always fascinates them...
 Once back inside we made hot chocolate, that is Kaleena made hot chocolate and Keenan made whipped cream while I started the fire
 And then we set about making our snowflakes. Kaleena absolutely loves to make these, from the folding to the cutting and the excitement of unfolding them to find each time a completely unique design.
Throughout winter we will make many of these which we then stick to our windows with sugar water.
(some sugar and a bit of boiling water to dissolve it)
 Even Keenan gets involved, although the thickness of the paper is difficult for him to cut through, so he ends up simply cutting into it without cutting out pieces.
~wishing you a wonderful day~


  1. You all make some beautiful snow flakes. I'm kind of snowflake challenged, but my son loves it. He's better than me. :)

  2. How pretty! I *really* wish we had a creek nearby to explore often.

  3. Nothing is as wonderful as wandering out in the winter landscape - especially one like yours - and then coming in to hot cocoa and the smell of warm baking. Unless, of course, you add into that mix a mama who is just waiting to help you make something magical that ends up stuck to the window - Good job. Lucky children. Beautiful children. Great snowsuits. And I love ice, too - when I don't have to be out in it, or under it when it's crashing down. Funny how glass and ice look so much the same -

  4. they are gorgeous! the children look nice and toasty warm. good for you, mama! ;)

  5. Little snow flakes, so pretty. Your block crayon folder turned out very pretty and the little ornaments. Have a beautiful christmas time, sending you and the little ones much love.xxx


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