Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello from Miami

A quick hello here from Miami Beach where the children and I are passing through once again.
We will soon be meeting up with Miguel in Venezuela and from there we will see where life brings us, still many uncertainties, however very soon we will all be together as a family again and that is exciting beyond words.
Miami Beach was my home for many years before I had children, and before we moved to the mountains near Asheville. 
The children love coming here, we have wonderful friends and the ocean nurtures their souls and brings out their biggest smiles. It is a city and the energy is intense at times for this reason I clearly remember why we chose to move, yet how grateful I am to spend a few weeks here reconnecting with friends and the vast ocean.
~Sweet blessings~


  1. Enjoy your warm vacation! We're getting more snow up here in NC today. :)

  2. Thanks for this dose of sunshine! Enjoy!

  3. The children look happy. Very happy. And the very sight of that sea removed me for a second from what I am about to face: the iciest morning yet, and I have to go and feed the horses. I love that you are staying in touch. It's a joy to see your clear images and hear your voice.

  4. SOOOO happy for you all! I knew the day was coming soon. You're all in my thoughts & prayers. Happy travels XO Laura

  5. Oh my that looks like a great place to spend some of the winter! Happy journeying!
    xo maureen

  6. That water look so much warmer than our. It took my breath away the other day when I went in with the kids.

  7. I cannot fathom the idea of swimsuits and sunshine and the OCEAN right now! I love these pictures, though. I hope you enjoy your time there, and I am so exciting to see where the next season takes your family. xoxo

  8. It's a shame we won't be going with Fabien - the boys would love to see Keenan and K. He will bring your paintings. Have fun, enjoy the beach... send my love to


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