Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas days

We have spent some lovely days with family celebrating a traditional Danish Christmas.
On the morning of Christmas day the snow starting falling in thick blankets, and we spent the day playing in the snow. (In Danish tradition the main celebration is on Christmas eve)
We made these sweet frosted candle holders for our Christmas table, we used Mod Podge, white tissue paper, Bows, Raffia and greenery. Check Gardenmama for a full tutorial.
It snowed and it snowed, our first real snow this year and it came exactly on Christmas day...
It was and still is extremely beautiful, and provided many hours of fun...
~wishing you sweet family fun~


  1. How great that you had your first snow of the season on Christmas day, I think it makes it that much more special! Looks like it was a great Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  2. Your lanterns on the table look beautiful! And wow, that's a lot of snow! Happy Holidays to you too!

  3. The lanterns look lovely.
    Christmas blessings to you all.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, fresh Christmas snow! So UNLIKE here, where we have dark, mushy Christmas mud, tracked everywhere in the house by enthusiastic young dogs. Your Christmas is classic and lovely - and it suits you all. Loved seeing it.

  5. Love your new header! ...and the pretty lanterns - how beautiful the snow is and the children are having much fun, I will show the boys they would love to be there no doubt. Love xxx

  6. wow! merry christmas! i love the shot with the snow laden trees that line the street. with the green traffic lights hanging in the foreground, it gives an even more interesting perspective. great captures.

  7. Oh the snow is beautiful.
    Wishing a happy new year,


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