Saturday, December 11, 2010

Handmade Holiday, Keenan's doll, his clothes and carrier

I have been wanting to make Keenan a doll for a while now, but have simply not found the time, especially due to the fact that I have never yet completed a doll, something I plan to rectify in the future.  So instead of making one myself I ordered from a sweet mama up in Canada who makes lovely dolls. Do check her dolls here, although I know she is taking a break until after Christmas. 
Isn't he precious,  I just love him, and really hope that Keenan will feel the same.
 I wanted to make a bed/carrier for him, as we will be moving around in the near future, and I know Keenan will like to have a place where he belongs. I used, of course:), a felted sweater, cut three pieces and sewed the sides onto the the bottom piece. 
The sides are a bit wobbly but hold up nicely when he is inside.
 With a leftover piece of the felt which I used for Kaleena's crayon holder, I sewed up a little mattress to go inside, and stuffed it with lama wool. I used a piece of another sweater to make a little pillow, also stuffed with lovely lama wool gifted by the sweet Jenny.. Thanks Jenny!
 Then made a matching blanket to which I added a little heart to tie in with the mattress. 
All in all the effect is lovely, and I am really happy with how it turned out
 I used an old onesie, and turned it into this jumpsuit for the doll as well. It fits him really well.
 Finally I finished knitting this sweater and scarf for him as well,  must make sure he will stay warm during the cold winter, wool baby, just like Keenan used to be...
 Nice and cozy...
~with so much love~


  1. Oh my God! He is adorable! The sweater and scarf are lovely! What a great gift!

  2. Wow--made me smile. And my daughter is sitting on my lap saying "I wwwant that mommy" and I'd like to make one for her too. Maybe there's a book and I can work on it for valentines day or something. Or I'll check your seller. :0) Thanks!

  3. oh i love it. have been wanting a waldorf doll for ez since he was a babe. i love everything about the child having a little one that looks like them to care for and it would be so fun to make all those little clothes for the doll too. i hope keenan loves him!

  4. you are amazing. it is so inspiring to me how you think of something or something sparks your creativity and you just make it happen. a talented mama, indeed.

    so is fabs! her dolls are so gorgeous! i know he will be loved by sweet keenan. xoxoxo

  5. Beautiful clothing!
    I need to start making those... but waiting for the actual wool to actually stuff the doll kind of stopped my swing...

  6. He is lovely. I have made both my girls dolls for christmas. Love the idea of the remade onesies- very cool.

  7. this is just wonderful! you are so talented and resourceful. the children are blessed to have you. not just because of what you make for them, but primarily for the love and care you give them. you are 'growing' two great kids.

  8. What a wonderful doll and a beautiful set of things you've created for him - very inspiring!

  9. What a bang up cool doll!! I'm so not a doll person, but this doll looks just like Keenan - EXACTLY. It's really stunning - includes things that look just like his spirit, too - the feathers and the nature things. WOW. And I agree deeply with the Halters: what a gift to be both resourceful AND creative - if I were the Lord, I would look at you and think, "Daughter - I gave you a great and beautiful gift of earth life, and look how you have taken care of it! You are gentle with my planet, and you make beauty where there was none before!" And then I'd hug you. But he doesn't come around with solid arms very often - he sends other children to do that. So know that I would deliver that hug RIGHT NOW, if only I were close enough myself.

  10. I think i will have to get one for Sasha and Sania, they are so into teddies these days, still the mooses and of course our little street dog is their great love.

    The decorations are lovely to, will make some to.

    Kiss to you and the little


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