Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas projects

We have not been doing nearly as many christmas project as I usually would. Living at my sisters house I am limited to none messy projects, at the same time there are so many other joys of sharing this special time together, lots of cozy chats by the fire, and a bonding time we have not had in many years. 
Soon our lives will once again bring us far apart (geographically), and it is so nice to have shared this past year.
So instead of the crafting I would usually do with the children all this month I have come up with a few simple  projects, that they can do without too much mess.
Next week we will mess up the kitchen in a big way though and bake cookies:)
 We have been making presents for grandparents, my parents are coming to spend Christmas, so the children have been very busy making cards and gifts for them. They each painted a cup for them and then made a special gift bag to set them in ( I got the idea for the bag here ), cutting felt pieces and gluing them to a plain bag.
 One for Mormor and one for Morfar.
 Kaleena made this for Mormor
 and Keenan made this for Morfar
I saw these on The Crafty Crow, a simple tree ornament, made with cardboard and string. Both children adored making these. They are so simple and very pretty on the tree.
 We also made woolen hearts. Keenan loves sewing, he is always asking if he can please sew, and he is getting very confident with the needle.
We cut the wool from felted sweaters sewed it up and stuffed it with wool batting. Lovely for the tree and also for a vase with pine branches on the table ( how I would usually have them)
~sweet blessing~


  1. Those are such wonderful gifts! I really like the ornaments. We may find the time to make a few of those next week. :)

  2. What amazing gifts! I bet their grandparents will be just thrilled to have these treasures.

  3. I love the ornaments! Do you use embroidery thread or crochet thread? Your bags turned out beautiful!

  4. Catherine,
    I used mostly crochet thread, although Kaleena added some embroidery thread for the color:)

  5. Beautiful ~ thanks for all the inspiring ideas! S.

  6. Oh, those star weavings are beautiful.

  7. What fun the ornaments are! And what lucky grandparents, to have such gifts showered on them - at the hands of lovely children (who I still believe are wood sprites, actually).

  8. Your weavings look wonderful!! I'm so glad you gave it a try :)


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