Wednesday, November 30, 2011

House progress

Wow, just seven days to move in, a week from today.
 I just realized that as I was writing this.
Thankfully the house is almost ready, the mosquito net frames are in almost all the windows.
The kitchen is almost ready, the bathroom also...almost...
Many details will be left for us to finish once we are moved in, and I am really happy
about that. This way we will have the chance to make the finishing touches NOT in concrete,
but in creative unconventional ways, put a bit more of our touch on the details.

 This will be the desk area, just inside the front door, separated by a low bench with shelves for shoes and a planter.

 And no, that is not a second toilet there in the middle of the house, that is one of a couple of planters
that was part of Miguel's design to create a natural separation of the spaces.

 Here is the couch corner. We will eventually make cushions for the built in couch.
Underneath will be storage, much needed storage, besides the basement I am not exactly sure where we will keep clothes and such:)  

 We are all really excited for the big move....


  1. I have really enjoyed watching the process of your home. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow.I have not one doubt you guys will make this a cozy happy,loving place to live,learn,
    grow and expand as long as your time here is meant to be.Cannot wait to sit on those couches! And Eat pesto! I Love You. Kisses and Hugs.

  3. I am getting excited too!!! It's looking great and no doubt your finishing touches will make it look fantastic!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey x x x

  4. Wow! Super amazingly fabulous!!! It brings back so many memories! Three years ago we were in the same place. Oh the anticipation of finally getting to move in and create your space! So much fun!!

  5. I love your house! The Waldorf side of me feels tempted to paint the roof red with white spots...a mushroom cottage! :-)

  6. It looks so curious and elemental. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you've had your hand in there, shaping and changing. The front steps are so cool. Everything is so interesting. What an amazing gift you've given us, to take us along with you on this journey. I would NEVER have known something like this was going on in the world. And here I am - the paths and planters - I long to walk them. It's been a hard road for you, but look where you have come -


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