Sunday, November 20, 2011

House progress

As the move in date draws nearer everyone is scrambling to finish up the final details.
Many things will be left to be finished later, such as the solar power, the doors and windows, the upstairs entrance and bathroom, but for phase one move in dec 7th, we are almost ready, yes well almost...
This was the front of the house a few days ago
 This is the front of the house now.
To the right where the showing rock wall is lower, we will build, once moved in, a grey water run off bed filled with water loving plants, this will be the filter for the kitchen sink water. In the back will be another where all water from the bathroom will be filtered and reused.

 One day last week I arrived and had to take a step back. So much concrete everywhere.
Considering I had a romantic idea that this would not be a house with much concrete it felt overwhelming for a moment. The truth is that due to time and money constraints this seemed the best option for this house. Once the block had been covered and the edges rounded it really is very nice.
Once all the details are in place I know that the house will be lovely, indeed wonderful,
a place for us to settle.
I am very excited to move in and dive into off the grid living and homesteading this wild land.

 The loft is just lovely...

 The bathroom has an elevated floor to create the proper hight between the seat and the space below where all the waste is composted. A hole will be opened in the wood and a seat placed on 
top, just like that:)

 Linus is really back to himself again, the king of the land. This means he barks at everyone
that comes around. He has already found himself a nice space on the deck. 
I love seeing him all settled in. 

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  1. It is really coming together. Soon, vines will grow up the outside of the house, making it look very warm. I only wish you'd been able to do your mandellas in the cement of the outside wall. I can't wait to see how you do with the inside, how it turns out.


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