Monday, November 21, 2011

Chicken maternity

The maternity ward for the mama and baby chicks is finally ready, and just in time, because a few days ago a mama turkey, (who is currently the most patient sitter), hatched 7 little chicks who where then passed back over to mama hen who proudly accepted them as her own.
The maternity is a private "building" where mamas and chicks can have a more calm environment, until they are bigger and ready to join the rest.
They have their own little cozy and safe area (free from fire ants) and their own backyard as well.
Yesterday when I took these pictures their back door was closed but today it was opened and mama hen was coaxing the chicks to step outside, though I did not see any venture out while I was looking.
It may be that this is all common practice when keeping chickens and growing the flock, I just haven't 
 seen it before and really like the little set up. 
I still know next to nothing about keeping chickens, hatching chicks, and producing the best and most natural organic eggs, but I am really looking forward to learn about it all. 
Once we live on the land, it will be part of the day to day, and something very important to me, in the sense that if we are keeping animals, it is extremely important that they live well and eat good feed.
It is important that they are an integral part of the system as a whole.


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  1. Keeping animals is an amazing experience. It's almost shocking how quickly we fall in with each animal's rhythm, and how bonded we get to them. And mad. We get mad at them. The set up is amazing and neat as a pin and organized and all the things my own home is not. Very satisfying.


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