Saturday, November 26, 2011

Around the land



  1. thank you ! We Love you . LOVE The Hat ~ LOVE your Haircut Keenan ~ Love Your Nature Clothes! Love to See Linus, Miguel, The Plants, the fruits of your presence there! Thank You Again.

  2. Little prince and princess! The land looks beautiful. It seems much drier that here. We've hit the rainy season,, oh boy we are getting between 20 - 40 mms a day! We have so much compost now but my veggies are struggling outdoors in our new house without the green house.

  3. Oh, Christina - these are GLORIOUS!! I love EVERYTHING!! The paths, the green, THE HAT - the children are SO beautiful. but then, I've always thought that. Magical, magical, magical. LIke something out of a wondrous story. Your camera sees with such love.


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