Friday, June 10, 2011

In Mexico

Following three months in Venezuela, a short solo trip for me to Denmark, one week in Miami and here we are, ready to begin a new adventure.
Like I mentioned in the earlier post we are here to help create an eco village in the jungle of Tulum.
An eco village in the sense that we are a group of people coming together with the intention 
of creating a low impact way of life that integrates various aspects of ecological design, permaculture, ecological building, green production, alternative energy, community building and much more.
We, our family, will be the Robinson Crusoe family of this project. We will be the first to move unto the land, to start creating the gardens, the orchards. To clean and to build.
The land which we saw yesterday for the first time is hostile at first impression, not friendly in the least.
A fire cleared many trees a couple of years ago, and left big parts of the property barren of vegetation.
Now trees are growing back among the rocks, yet it is still far from the lush oasis and sanctuary that we envision it be. There is a big Cenote (deep natural well ) on the land which provides a clean fresh water source, as well as a swimming hole.
First step is to build a house for us to live in, before we can get started with that we need a bridge over the cenote, and this project is already under way. We hope to get started building in one months time.
As you will see in the photos below we have our work cut out for us, failures as well as successes, and I intend to document the process open and honestly here..

Below is what most of the first hectare looks like
 this is where the bridge is being built
 lush environment around the cenote
 the children have already fallen in love with the cenote...
 and this is the site where we will build the first house, the house where we will live


  1. This is very fascinating to follow you on your journey. After reading this entry, I pondered if what you are doing is harder than the daily grind of trying to find work to survive here in the states. It is possibly much more enjoyable! My husband and I have struggled greatly to survive just with acquiring the necessities, even though we are college educated. We don't like to be reliant on the system. I admire your life and choices and I pray your efforts will blossom.

  2. wow christina! i am so excited to follow this awesome adventure you are on. the plot where you have decided to place your home is beautiful. i can't wait to see all the progress... we move next week to miami and decided against the high rise and are moving to an apartment/condo in an art deco bldg. thanks for your help! all the best.... looking forward to your next post...

  3. incredible!! so nice to see you in this space. what an opportunity and a grand adventure you have taken on. i am so thrilled for you all and so inspired by the way life is unfolding in unexpected and beautiful ways for you. i must make my way to you one of these days. love you and miss you so much! xoxoxo

  4. We live so on the back of work done by those who have gone before us. I am deeply grateful for their efforts, all beginning as you are beginning in this place. The work seems momentous. But as all things, it can be done one step at a time. Will be most interested to watch it unfold. Gratitude to heaven for clear water - a miracle anywhere.

  5. Wow. I so look forward to watching this all unfold. What a fantastic adventure to be on with you family. Best of luck!

  6. All the possibilities...! It appears you have some deeply fulfilling and also challenging moments ahead of you. May you be carried through all moments by the love and joy of family, adventure, and purpose.


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