Monday, June 27, 2011

Settling in

We have now been in the new home for a week, and we have settled in nicely.
Many people told me before we came here, that Tulum has a very dense energy that either takes you in or spits you out, and judging by our first week here we have been taken in.
Having a place for the first time in almost three years where we can feel at home 
is a blessing beyond words. We are slowly finding our rhythm and living the way we as a family would.
Certainly it is not without "problems".  I have not had a warm shower since being here, and I LOVE my warm showers. Also we have no internet although the house was supposed to have wireless access, and for that matter my computer has been acting up again also.
We are on a tight budget and our meals have been very simple and repetitive, and also a lot of our luggage is still at our friends house 45 minutes away.
Even with all of these little inconveniences our little tribe is thriving. 

We have been without a car most of the time and have not been able to get to the land as much as we would have liked, yet have used the time to settle in nicely and doing lots of research. 
The plans for the initial house which had already been done before we arrived turned out to be for a far more expensive house than the budget could hold, so Miguel has been designing a sweet little house, that we are hoping will fit within the budget.
Besides that we are realizing that the first step in creating the gardens and growing food successfully, will require lots and lots of compost, as we have next to no topsoil, in fact we will need to grow mostly in raised beds, to avoid hauling massive amounts of rock all around the land.

So here we are, settling in in Tulum, getting ready for the creatively fun work ahead of us.
Cherishing being all together in our own space!
I have not had a chance to upload any pictures, so they will follow later.
~Blessing to all~


  1. Hi Christina,
    Tulum, how lovely! I was there 12 years ago and hope to return next winter while in Belize for a week. Glad to hear you're feeling more settled. I hope you all have a smooth transition to your new home. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos.

  2. I feel so privileged, to take this journey with you and your family. I am sure that with the desire and need coming together, it will be an amazing space for your living and cohabitation.
    I only wish you the best and keep looking for more about your progress.
    Love Peace and Joy to you!

  3. Best wishes for your family has you journey this new land and nest.

  4. Hi Christina,
    I am enjoying reading about you guys very much. It is inspiring, empowering and enlightening. May you continue to thrive.
    Eva and clan.

  5. my sweet friend, your ability to embrace the beauty in life despite the many challenges will never cease to inspire me. i am so very happy for your family that you are all together and thriving. much love to you!!

  6. It doesn't take much, does it, to offer children joy - and my meals are repetitive anyway because I hate to stop to eat, and I'm totally satisfied to eat what I like many times in a row. I wish we didn't have to eat at all. Just work away and love and play - but I do wish you had a warm shower.


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