Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our new temporary home

While we build the first house on the land we will be renting a house near by.
We have been looking around for the past few days, and ended up with two options that were both tempting. One was "on" the beach, primitive, off the grid, solar wind power and an immense amount of mosquitoes, the other was in town, more spacious and comfortable and with pool access.
While the beach community in Tulum is very appealing, we decided to go with the place in town.
Having moved around so much over the past  couple of years I felt that a more homey feel, 
with children around to form friendships made more sense. Had it been just Miguel and I, I think we would have certainly moved to the beach, yet this way the children can make connections with other children before we move out to the mangroves in a few months.
Below are a few pictures of the new "home" as well as the surrounding area of Tulum beaches and pueblo.

The front of the house..
La playa
El pueblo
~feeling grateful~


  1. Oh my GOD!! This is great!! I can't wait to hear more about your new life!

  2. the house is very interesting - charming outside and challenging but interesting on the inside. It will be quite an adventure as things unfold and you begin to be part of the community. I think you were wise to make the choice you did. The children will appreciate the chance to connect.

  3. Lovely to 'see' that you are back!! Wishing you all the very best for your wonderful wild adventure!

  4. you are in paradise! wonderful to see this. so happy for you all.

  5. An adventure indeed. Looks interesting and a little challenging as you say. The children will love it. Love to you all.xxx

  6. Ola :)

    Its nice to know that other people are doing the same across the globe. I hope to read more of your stories and learn from you. I also live minutes away from an Eco-village here in Palawan, Philippines which is owned by a friend. My family bought land too and hope to live sustainably. Let's see how this adventure goes.

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